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October 9, 2017

The SNES Classic is finally here. For those who missed out on the incredibly finite pre-orders or midnight release, that means lining up outside of your local retailer to hopefully snag the nostalgic plug-and-play console when new shipments come in, or crossing your fingers that you can get one online.

Unlike the NES Classic, though, Nintendo believes it has shipped enough SNES Classic consoles to meet fans’ demands. Substantially more of the systems were released to fans at launch, and Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime urged fans not to spend hundreds of dollars on scalped consoles.

With that in mind, here’s the retail outlook for the SNES Classic’s right now. We’ll continue to update this as we learn more.


GameStop initially took pre-orders (including some questionable bundles), but like other retailers, that stock sold out lightning quick. More units were also made available at launch, but those were depleted almost immediately. According to the retailer, more standalone systems are coming to stores Tuesday, October 10. Both standalone consoles and console bundles will be available online Wednesday, October 11.

You can also sign up for in stock alerts over at GameStop’s SNES Classic page.


Target, like most other retailers, sold out of its SNES Classic allotment almost immediately, both in-store and online. The store did receive a sizeable number of units for launch day, withWario64 reporting that Target stores had a minimum of 20 units per store, with average numbers ranging from 20-50.

Target’s online listing for the SNES Classic has disappeared completely, but a new listing will likely pop up when stock returns.

Best Buy

Best Buy also had SNES Classics in stock on launch day, which sold out immediately. Wario64 received screenshots of Best Buy’s internal product inventory for stores in New York. Like Target, quantity varied store-to-store but at least a couple locations had more than 300 units on hand. While this doesn’t give us the full picture of Best Buy’s inventory for launch day, it keeps in line with Nintendo’s promise for significant availability.

Best Buy tends to re-stock systems on its website more frequently than other retailers, so be on the lookout for an unannounced return of the SNES Classic.

Best Buy’s page for the Super NES Classic doesn’t list any way to get notifications when the system is back in stock, but it was available for less than 30 minutes on August 22.

Toys “R” Us

The SNES Classic is currently sold out on the Toys “R” Us website, and it’s unclear when the retailer will be getting more.

Toys “R” Us also has an online listing that states “coming soon,” so it’s possible units will be available for purchase online in the future. The retailer typically receives more stock of its systems on Friday or Saturday, and we’ll update with information as we receive it.


Walmart offered in-store SNES Classic systems on launch day to supplement its online orders, but the retailer has encounter stock problems that have limited its ability to fulfill existing orders. Those who managed to order the system on August 22 have not received their consoles, with back-order alerts being sent out, instead.

Walmart’s online listing is almost identical to Best Buy’s with an in-stock alert button that you can use but no ability to actually pre-order the Super NES Classic.


ThinkGeek received a new supply of standalone SNES Classic systems for its stores on October 10, with additional units available on its website on October 11. As with all SNES Classic listings online, we don’t expect it to be up for more than a few minutes — no specific was given for online orders.


The North American Amazon website has a product page for the SNES Classic Edition, but there is currently no way purchase the console right now, aside from resellers — pre-orders were made available very early the morning of August 22, but only for about twenty minutes.

Updated on 10-10-2017 by Gabe Gurwin: Updated retailer listings, including GameStop and ThinkGeek.


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