Samsung serves up a Chromebook Pro with an amazing display, and a superlight 15-incher

January 3, 2017

Samsung may have taken a few hits to its smartphone image in recent months, but that doesn’t mean it can’t continue innovating elsewhere. To that end, it’s introduced three new laptops at CES 2017, targeting different audiences with each, though they retain Samsung’s flair for style and function throughout.

Samsung Notebook 9

The first of the new additions to Samsung’s notebook line up, is the “9”, a 15-inch general usage laptop, with a light and portable design, and powerful internals. It comes packing an Intel Core i7-7500U, alongside 16GB of on board DDR4 memory and a dedicated Nvidia 940MX graphics chip. All of that outputs to a full HD (1,920 x 1,080), 15-inch display that supports 95 percent sRGB coloring and video HDR.

That hardware is all built into a neat and professional looking casing, which has an ultra-slim bezel, can be reclined to 180 degrees flat and is durable thanks to a strong build quality. Battery life is said to be lengthy, lasting up to 15 hours on a single charge and thanks to the inclusion of a USB Type-C, you can charge the laptop up using a standard cell-phone charger.

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Aside from the hardware, which is respectable, Samsung is talking up the laptop’s weight. Though it’s a 15-inch system, this Samsung weighs only 2.73 pounds. That makes it much lighter than most competitors, except the LG Gram 15, which is 2.16 pounds. That’ll be a boon if you want a laptop with a large screen that’s also easy to carry long distances.


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