Alleged Galaxy S8 running Windows 10 Mobile appears

It’s been awhile since Windows 10 Mobile (or just Windows 10, on a phone) has made any sort of headlines, but this is a very interesting bit.

A few leaked images of a Samsung Galaxy S8 running Windows 10 will surely spark the few remaining fans’ interest.

Alleged Galaxy S8 running Windows 10 Mobile

The images are of poor quality and could very well prove fake – it’s easy to just snap a screenshot of Windows 10 mobile and slap it onto an Android phone. Then again the virtual onscreen buttons coincide with Windows and not Android.

The three images show the live tile-filled…

Apple granted patents for bezel-free display and in-screen Touch ID button

May 15, 2017

Ok, folks, we might actually be onto something quite certain about the next iPhone – it’s not the name, we don’t know for sure that it’s going to be iPhone 8. It’s more exciting than that!

Apple has been granted two quite ‘big’ patents today that indicate a bezel-less, edge-to-edge display, and a fingerprint sensor embedded inside that display. Can we really safely conclude that the next Apple flagship will rock a display, such as the one shown in the patent pics?

Well, no one at Cupertino has said it out loud yet, but the dots here connect …

Instagram adds face filters, more creative tools

May 15, 2017

Instagram continues to add new filters and various tools that further improve its mobile apps. The latest update introduces a new set of face filters in the camera, which allows users to turn their selfies into funny photos.

The initial set contains eight face filters, which can be accessed by opening the camera and tapping the new face icon in the bottom right corner. The new filters work with Boomerang, which means you’ll be able to add them to whatever you share.

Aside from the new face filters, Instagram announced a couple of creative tools are now available …

Future Audi and Volvo car models to run on Android

May 15, 2017

What a smart world we get to live in nowadays, huh, guys? Clever gadgets have made their way to almost any aspect of our lives, and it seems like one of the hot trends as we move forward will be in-car assistant technology. 

A recent post on Google’s blog reveals that Volvo and Audi will feature Android in their next generations of vehicles – like the Audis couldn’t get any cooler? As we know, Google has offered an in-car assistant, in the form of its Android Auto platform that has now been integrated into more than 300 car models, since 2015.

The blog …

10 iPhone Accessories to Improve Your Train Commute

May 15, 2017
Improve your train commute (and, by extension, your mood) with these iPhone accessories!

Between the spotty connection, stuffy environment, noisy passengers, and even noisier tracks, a long commute on a train can be a bit of a drag.

But it doesn’t have to be! Whether you aim to get a little work done on your way to and from the office or you just want a distraction, you can improve your commute with these ten iPhone accessories.

1. Drown out the distractions with these noise-cancelling headphones

The Bose QuietComfort 20 headphones are comfortable, lightweight, and noise-cancelling. They’re great to stick in a jacket pocket or your bag and whip out when you need to concentrate on the task at hand, be it a presentation for work or a particularly dramatic scene on whatever Netflix show you’re binging.

If you’re rockin’ an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, make sure you’ve got an adapter, ’cause these headphones need to be plugged into a headphone jack.

See at Amazon

2. Need a nap to recharg…

eSIM likely to find its way into smartphones by 2018, IHS believes

May 15, 2017
The GSM Association has been working for quite a while on a so called embedded SIM (eSIM), but the standard has not been used in smartphones yet. So far, only wearables, Internet-of-Things (IоT) devices, consumer electronics gadgets and some variants of Apple’s iPad Pro have been equipped with such cards. However, the situation is expected to change, as the eSIMs are about to make their way into smartphones next year, or by 2019, according to industry observers.

Analysts from IHS Markit believe that incorporating eSIM into cellular handsets may start in 2018 as part of small testing introductions, …

Instagram tests Location Stories

 Instagram wants to let you see everything going on somewhere right now. TechCrunch has discovered that Instagram is testing a new Location Stories feature that compiles publicly shared Instagram Stories posts tagged with a location sticker. Users can then visit that business, landmark or place’s Instagram page and watch a slideshow Story of posts from there shared by strangers they… Read More

BlackBerry KEYone review: 10 key takeaways

May 15, 2017

We don’t know when was the exact moment that phones with a keyboard turned from business classic to a sign of old age, but the BlackBerry KEYone is a new phone with a physical keyboard that tries to prove that the keyboard is not dead just yet.
You can read our full BlackBerry KEYone review to get all the details, but if you don’t have the time to go through the whole thing, how about a look at the 10 key takeaways from that review, all presented in an easily digestible slideshow presented right below.
We …

Nokia 8 and another unannounced phone leak in a video

HMD unveiled three new Nokia Android phones at the MWC and promised it will deliver more premium offerings later in the year. Now a new video might give us an idea of how two of those will look.

The clip looks like a company promo and shows four Nokia devices. The Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 are already well-known to you, but the other two devices are yet to be made official. One of them looks like a Nokia 6 but has a different camera setup on the back, implying this might be a Nokia 7. The fourth smartphone has dual cameras, which would be a first for the reborn brand and some suggest it is…