Counterclockwise: the phones that did it first

Phone makers can be quite prideful – they love boasting about being the first to bring a new feature to market. It’s a solid marketing strategy, it makes them look like innovators and it makes their gadgets seem cutting edge. So let’s settle a few scores.

Apple may be the first company to convince the public they need a fingerprint reader on their phones, but it wasn’t the first to put one on a handset. That honor goes to the Pantech GI100 from mid-2004, three years before Apple even made the iPhone.

Pantech GI100

Speaking of the Cupertino-based company, it is also responsible…

OnePlus 5 defeats HTC U11 and Galaxy S8 in battle of Snapdragon 835s speed test

We’ve seen our share of head-to-head YouTube speed tests of the latest smartphones, but there’s always an extra 5 minutes for another one. In this case, it’s the OnePlus 5 vs. the HTC U11 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 – a battle of the 835 Snapdragons, if you will.

In this iteration, it’s 20 apps run in succession on the three phones, against the clock. A second round is performed to see how quickly the phones can access the apps already launched on the first go – RAM management is key for this one. Oh, and the amount of RAM too, of course – 8GB for the OP5, half that for the S8 and…

How to beat Raid Bosses in Pokémon Go

June 24, 2017
How do you beat the Pokémon Go Raid Battle Bosses like Snorlax and Tyranitar and claim your rewards? By finding their weaknesses and exploiting your strengths with this cheat-sheet!

Pokémon Go Raid Battle’s are here and with them, Raid Bosses. These super high CV — 25,000 CP Dragonite, anyone? — hatch from Gyms and then take on all comers, in groups of up to 20, for an hour. If you can beat one you get rewards in the form of Golden Razz Berries, Quick and Charge TM, Rare Candy — and a chance to catch a regular-powered version of the Boss, similar to what you’d get by hatching it from an egg.

But some Gym bosses are really tough to beat. They start off relatively easy at Tier 1 and Tier 2, but Tier 3 and Tier 4 bosses can be nightmares. (Never mind Tier 5 — they may well prove Legendary).

So, how do you beat a Raid Boos?

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Weekly poll results: a Nokia flagship is hotly anticipated, low-enders get the cold shoulder

The fans are hungry for a new Nokia flagship, with 44% of the vote that is quite clear. However, HMD’s entry-level offerings failed to spur up such excitement – the 5 and the 3 got a few measly percentage points. Even the Nokia 3310 ranked higher, we guess the nostalgia factor is strong.

Even the Nokia 6 barely beat out the “Nokias belong in the past” option with 18% and 17% respectively. It’s more of a workhorse phone rather than a dreamy flagship (the same can be said of the 3310), so practical-minded people would be quite happy with it.

The Nokia 5 had to fight an onslaught of…

Puzzle game Telepaint is the Free iOS App of the Week

June 24, 2017

How would you like to download a puzzle game for your iOS device, and save some money in the process? Telepaint, which normally costs $2.99, is the Free iOS App of the Week. The game has you carrying walking buckets of paint through portals that you open. Different levels of game play get increasingly harder, and there are six different worlds for you to play in. An accompanying sound track provides synced rhythm, and there is an in-app purchase available so that you can purchase an extra-level for 99 cents.

Recently, an update added two new channels with 40 new levels. Also, the …

BlueLine Rental iPhone Review

June 24, 2017

The Smartphone App ReviewThe Smartphone App Review – High Quality App Reviews for Smartphones and Tablets

Mobile apps are making it easier than ever to buy, borrow, and rent whatever it is you need. That includes heavy-duty equipment. The BlueLine Rental app is the mobile solution for all of your construction equipment rental needs on the go. Here is the app’s full description: The all new BlueLine Mobile App sets the standard […]

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Latest specs and design rumors for the Pixel sequels are right here, right now!

June 24, 2017

Just the other day, we told you that system files on the HTC U11 revealed information about the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2. These would be the sequels to the original Pixel and Pixel XL models. Today, XDA Developers revealed that it spoke with a source that claims to have had some hands-on time with at least one of the new models. Let’s start with the “Walleye,” which is the code name for the Pixel 2 unit.

According to the source referred to by XDA, the screen on the Pixel 2 (Walleye) will weigh in at 5-inches like the original, carrying a 1080 x 1920 resolution screen. The Pixel 2 is said …

Popular apps are getting bigger and taking up more space when you install them on your iPhone

June 24, 2017

Sure, the amount of native storage on your iPhone has risen sharply over the years. According to a report from Sensor Tower, the minimum storage available on an iPhone has doubled from the 16GB on 2013’s Apple iPhone 5s to the 32GB on last year’s Apple iPhone 7. But the truth is that Apple is not keeping up with the huge increase in the file size increases on popular apps. This is why many users of the iPhone are often looking for apps to remove in order to create space for new downloads.

Here is an amazing piece of data that says it all. The top ten most downloaded iPhone apps in the …

PSA: Don’t buy the OnePlus 5 via Amazon (US)

June 24, 2017

If you didn’t manage to pre-order a OnePlus 5 on the day of its announcement, and you can’t make it to one of OnePlus’ pop-up events, perhaps you’re tempted to buy the phone via Amazon, seeing as it’s available (in the US) via several third-party sellers. However, we certainly don’t advise you to purchase the handset through Amazon, as this is not the official channel to get it from.

Right now, the US version of the OnePlus 5 – warranty included – can be found on Amazon for the insane prices of $779 (64 GB model), or $899 (128 GB model). The phone’s international …

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