BlackBerry KEYone delayed in Europe by a few weeks

April 21, 2017

UK retailer Clove announced at the beginning of the month that the first stock of BlackBerry KEYone units would arrive in early May. Fast forward three weeks and it looks like the shipments have been delayed.

Instead of May 5, the first stock is now expected to arrive in the week commencing May 22. The price remains unchanged though, so customers will still be able to buy one for £499 outright.

However, it looks like Carphone Warehouse, another major UK retailer, will have the BlackBerry KEYone available starting May 5. Perhaps the reseller did not yet …

Nokia 3310 sales start next week in Europe, but price is slightly higher

April 21, 2017

We’ve already reported a couple of times about the new Nokia-branded handsets that are supposed to hit the shelves in Q2, but here is something new that might put you on the fence regarding the Nokia 3310 (2017).

Unveiled back in February at Mobile World Congress 2017, Nokia 3310’s suggested retail price was set to €49. Although it’s a feature phone, the new version of Nokia 3310 is a breath of fresh air for fans of the brand who were willing to buy just to use it as their second phone.

However, it looks like many European markets have put a different price …

Sony Mobile celebrates picture taking feature with Xperia Theme release

April 21, 2017

Japanese handset maker Sony Mobile has just released yet another theme for its Xperia devices, which is now available for free via Google Play Store. It’s not unusual for Sony Mobile to provide Xperia fans with new themes for their phones from time to time.

However, the new one is quite unique since it’s meant to celebrate the picture taking feature of the Xperia phones. The theme launched recently is called “Taken with Xperia” and allows Xperia users to customize graphical assets of their phones/tablets.

According to Sony, the theme was tested on several …

This coming week’s T-Mobile Tuesday is all about the music

April 21, 2017
If music is your thing, you are going to love this coming week’s T-Mobile Tuesday giveaways. Let’s start with free streaming music from the Billboard Music Award’s nominated artists. How does that sound? Speaking of sound, make your way to any T-Mobile location and you’ll be able to take 25% off most JBL speakers included those powered by Bluetooth. No publication gets you caught up with the latest shenanigans going on in the music industry than Billboard. This Tuesday, T-Mobile subscribers get to start a 12-week free digital subscription. And lastly, you can save 25 cents off a gallon of gas at …

Verizon’s Galaxy S8 offers even more limited functionality when using Bixby

April 21, 2017

If you’ve been reading our Galaxy S8 review, then you already know that Samsung’s own personal digital assistant, Bixby isn’t yet ready for prime time. Although the South Korean company was pretty clear about the situation and confirmed that Bixby would reach full potential after the market release of the Galaxy S8/S8+, we can’t pass the fact that this is a marketed feature.

The things are even worse for Verizon’s customers since some of the limited features available on most Galaxy S8/S8+ are not accessible on the carrier’s units yet.

According to a …

TCL president Cistulli hints that big news about the BlackBerry KEYone is coming next week

April 21, 2017
If you’ve been waiting for news about the BlackBerry KEYone, it seems that something of importance will be released next week. TCL president and GM Steve Cistulli said in a tweet disseminated today that the company will have “some more KEY news coming your way next week.” The KEYone will be the last BlackBerry handset designed in-house by BlackBerry. As most of you know, the company has entered into licensing agreements with three firms, including TCL, to design, produce, market and sell BlackBerry branded handsets. BlackBerry  provides the software and collects royalties.

Originally …

Crunch Report | Quora Valued At Around $1.8B

April 21, 2017
Crunch Report 4/21 Today’s Stories  Q&A app Quora valued around $1.8 billion in $85 million fundraise Elon Musk’s Neuralink wants to turn cloud-based AI into an extension of our brains Duolingo launches paid subscriptions as it experiments with new ways to monetize its service Snap acquires the crucial geofilter patent from Mobli for a record $7.7M Credits Written and Hosted by: Anthony Ha… Read More

AnTuTu says that these were the most highly rated Android and iOS phones in China last month

April 20, 2017
According to benchmark site AnTuTu, the OnePlus 3 and the Apple iPhone SE were the most highly rated Android and iOS powered handsets in China during the month of March. The results were based on the “applause rating” computed for Android and iOS models by AnTuTu during the month. The applause rating is calculated by dividing the number of  five-star reviews into the total number of reviews.

AnTuTu says that the OnePlus 3 scored an applause rating of 95.66% in March. That means that for every 100 user ratings the device received on the AnTuTu site last month, more than 95 of them were …

HTC’s new flagship to be called the HTC U 11; phone will launch in five colors

April 20, 2017
At first, everyone assumed that the next HTC flagship would be called the HTC 11 since it was the sequel to the HTC 10. Then last month, trusty tipster Evan Blass indicated that the next flagship would be given the name, HTC U. Now, Blass says that according to someone familiar with HTC’s plans, the actual name of the manufacturer’s next flagship will combine both leaked titles. That’s right, make way for the HTC U 11. The device will most likely be available in white, black, blue, red, and silver. Images of the phone, which still has the code name of Ocean, were revealed by Blass last week.

The …

Leaked press render of the Moto Z2 Play shows a very incremental update

April 20, 2017
Although a drastic departure from the previous Moto X flagship series, Motorola and Lenovo’s Moto Z lineup offered some of the most interesting smartphones of 2016. Although not entirely modular like the now-deceased Project Ara, the Moto Z lineup’s ability to swap battery packs, speakers, projectors, and more on the back of the phones still remains incredibly futuristic and sleek.

Of all the Moto Z smartphones that were released last year, the most affordable was that of the Moto Z Play. The Z Play aimed to offer access into Motorola’s Moto Mod ecosystem for a low price, and …