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July 24, 2017

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With the growing popularity of games like and, the addition of similar games with varying themes to Google Play has really increased. Frog Eater IO Game adds their title to the mix with a fun frog filled competition that is sure to attract players of all ages. Here is some of the app’s […]

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HTC U11 128 GB launches in the US this week, U Ultra will cost just $499

July 24, 2017

Tomorrow, July 25, HTC USA will start taking pre-orders for an upgraded version of its U11 flagship smartphone. We’re talking about an HTC U11 with 128 GB of internal memory (instead of the 64 GB that the current, regular model is offering).

The HTC U11 128 GB will cost $729 unlocked – that’s $80 more than the 64 GB version. We assume that the new model will be available in all the color variants that the 64 GB one comes in, including blue, silver, black, and red. It doesn’t look like the HTC U11 128 GB will feature 6 GB of RAM in the US, so we’re expecting …

Google parent Alphabet reports lower Q2 profit thanks to EU fine

July 23, 2017
Google parent Alphabet reported its 2017 second quarter earnings today after the closing bell. The company reported a 21% year-over-year increase in revenue from the $21.5 billion reported during last year’s second quarter. $25.1 billion flowed into the company’s coffers during the period from April through June. Earnings per share, at $5.01, topped Wall Street expectations of $4.49. Paid clicks rose 52%, but the cost per click dropped 23%. The Street was looking for a smaller 15% drop, which means that advertisers paid much less to advertise on Google than expected.

Also negatively affecting …

Two legendary Pokemon now available for GO trainers, two more coming soon

July 23, 2017

As expected, Niantic announced that two legendary creatures can now be unlocked by Pokemon GO players: Lugia and Articuno. The former has been added to the game thanks to the trainers around the world who got together to catch millions of Pokemon during the Challenge Windows over the weekend.

Many other in-game bonuses have been unlocked during Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago, which are now available for the entire Pokemon GO community, including double Stardust, double XP, increased Pokemon encounters, reduced hatching and buddy distance.

Lugia is the first Legendary …

Try some over-ear Bluetooth headphones for just $20 right now

July 23, 2017
Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with a great deal on a pair of over-ear Bluetooth headphones.

If you’ve looked at buying inexpensive Bluetooth headphones before, you have probably seen Mpow come up in your results. The company has been making super-affordable Bluetooth headphones for a few years now, and people love them. Right now you can pick up a pair of over ear headphones for just $19.99 with coupon code AWTNX83J at Amazon.

This is a savings of $5 on the Bluetooth headphones that also come with a wire for when the battery runs out and you don’t want to stop listening to the music.

Tune Out the World — Dual 40mm large-aperture driver units and CSR chip provide faster transmission speed, lower latency, and better audio output. To have better Hi-Fi stereo music experience, please try diverse music genres and volume in sound test and make sure the ear cushions seal around your ears.
Built to Stay Comfort — Padding with soft memory foam, the supple ear pads are…

Microsoft to update Arrow Launcher with redesigned cards and Me avatar

July 23, 2017
The newest Arrow Launcher update is not available for download in the Google Play Store unless you’re a beta tester. However, since this is a pretty important update, we thought it would be nice to give you a heads up on what’s coming to Arrow Launcher very soon.

If you’ve been using Arrow Launcher for a while, then you’ll be pleased to know that you will soon be able to rest the app’s settings to default with a tap of a button. A new option will be added to the Setting menu so that you can reset your Arrow Launcher if you want to start customizing it again from scratch.

Furthermore, …

Official: Samsung to launch unlocked Galaxy J3 and J7 in the US on July 28

July 23, 2017

The inexpensive Samsung Galaxy J3 and J7 are already available in the United States, but you can only get them from various carriers in the country. Both devices made their debut on the market recently, but they are sold under different names, which might confuse consumers.

For whatever reason, Samsung has decided to offer customers the option to purchase either of the two budget-friendly smartphones from just about any major retailer in the country. The South Korean company announced that unlocked versions of the Samsung Galaxy J3 and J7 would be available for …

Sony Xperia XZ Premium now comes with a free 64 GB memory card

July 23, 2017

Available in the US since June, the Sony Xperia XZ Premium is one of the newest high-end smartphones on the market, and it’s also among the most expensive models out there, costing $799.99 unlocked. If you’re not exactly sure you should spend that kind of money on an XZ Premium, maybe the offer that we’re presenting in this article will convince you.

Focus Camera (one of Sony’s authorized dealers in the US) is currently selling the new Xperia with a few extras in the box. More exactly, for $799, you’re getting the smartphone itself, plus a 64 GB Sony Class 10 UHS-1 …

Apple unleashes iOS 11 beta 4 on Developers

July 23, 2017
Today, Apple released iOS 11 beta 4 to developers. The changelist includes some bug fixes for photography app VSCO, as recently taken photos won’t cause a crash when imported. Banking app Citi Mobile will no longer crash when you sign-in, and you can now use your email address to sign into virtual pinboard Pinterest. Good news for those who make calls on Skype as the audio will no longer be dropped during a conversation.

Other changes include new icons for Notes, Reminders, and Contacts. Swiping left on a Notification will now clear it, and when you tap on a Notification a new Touch ID …