Nvidia’s upgraded Shield TV gets 4K HDR streaming support, and Ubisoft Uplay gaming

January 4, 2017

Streaming TV and movies has become quite the market lately, with stalwarts like Netflix and Hulu being met by upstarts like Amazon Prime TV and others. The trend for streaming entertainment has put some real pressure on relatively ancient cable and satellite companies, to the point where cutting the cord is becoming easier every day.

One of the most important gadgets that makes streaming TV and movies more convenient is media streamer devices like Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon’s Fire Stick. Today, Nvidia has announced that it’s releasing an update to its own Shield TV device, which is not only a media streamer, but also a robust gaming machine.

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The updated Shield TV will focus on picture quality with support for 4K HDR programming, and according to Nvidia, three times the performance of any other media streamer. The Shield TV’s library of 4K content is also expanding, with Amazon Video joining Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies, and Vudu, all streaming UltraHD (UHD) programming. Also coming is support for YouTube’s flagship TV app, which will offer fully immersive 360-degree viewing.

Nvidia founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang talked up the Shield TV’s media streaming chops, saying, “NVIDIA’s rich heritage in visual computing and deep learning has enabled us to create this revolutionary device. SHIELD TV is the world’s most advanced streamer. Its brilliant 4K HDR quality, hallmark NVIDIA gaming performance, and broad access to media content will bring families hours of joy.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be Nvidia’s device if it didn’t have an additional focus on gaming, and the company is announcing an expansion of Shield TV’s gaming support. Ubisoft’s library is featured, with titles like Watch Dogs 2, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, For Honor, and more coming to the Shield TV. Other franchises will also be supported, including The Witness, Tomb Raider, and Shadowgun Legends.

GeForce Now, the cloud GPU service used by Nvidia to enhance the Shield’s capabilities, is also getting an upgrade. It will be greatly improved by a move to GPUs based on the Pascal architecture. In addition, new practical artificial intelligence (AI) and home intelligence will be added to the platform.

Those and other features will be rolled out to both the new Shield TV and older models via a software update in January 2017.

The new Shield TV will ship in the United States, Canada, and selected European regions in January 2017, at a price of $200 with a game controller and remote. The Sheild Pro will add in a headset jack, and 500GB of storage, and will be released a bit later.

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