HTC U11 battery life test score is out: aces benchmarks, but standby is below average

June 18, 2017

26.Victor.H(Posts: 741; Member since: 27 May 2011)

Which goes to say what? They test different things, they get different results.

We believe that typical usage of a phone centers around browsing and tasks of that nature. Our test is based around that. We test phones with meticulous attention to detail: same distance from router, same brightness level, same everything. In fact, look at other publications like the one you mentioned browser tests and you’d find they get similar results to our tests.

They also tests 3G talk time, which is directly proportional to battery size. Including that number in testing skews results, and is not very relevant unless you spend 5 hours talking on your phone (and I bet you don’t).

We test typical usage, the battery life that the average user will get, not abstract numbers.


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