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Some Android Wear 2.0 keyboards have missing characters, fix coming

Google has officially acknowledged a bug in Android Wear 2.0 where-in keyboards for some languages have missing characters. Specifically, users of Russian and Hungarian keyboards have been noticing this problem for a few months.

Characters ‘Х’ ‘Ъ’ ‘Э,’ and ‘Ё’ are missing from the Russian keyboard, and the Hungarian keyboard is also reportedly incomplete.

Affected wearables include watches with round screens (LG Watch Urbane and Huawei Watch). Following is the statement from a Google community manager:

“Hi, Just wanted to update this thread to say that…

New Meizu Pro 7 images reveal different color options

A handful of new Meizu Pro 7 images have surfaced, revealing different color options for the upcoming device. The first set of images reveal a premium looking grey color option.

The second leaked image, which is rather blurry, reveals three color options: red, black, and gold.

The gold and black images we’ve also seen at TENAA. The other useful information this blurry image reveals is that the phone will some with mCharge feature, although we aren’t sure if it’s Super mCharge that the company unveiled at this year’s MWC.

The Meizu Pro 7 is set to be made official on July…

Asus Zenfone 4 officially teased, multiple variants receive certification in Taiwan

Asus has officially started teasing its upcoming Zenfone 4 smartphone. The company, through its social media channels, has shared as many as 4 teaser images for the upcoming device. While the teasers don’t reveal any design aspects, they do confirm the Zenfone 4 moniker as well as dual camera setup.

Earlier this week, there were reports that the new Zenfone series will be unveiled in Taiwan next month. And now, multiple Zenfone 4 variants have been certified by NCC (Taiwan’s equivalent of the FCC). The devices in question include the standard Zenfone 4, Zenfone 4 Selfie, Zenfone 4…

Asus Zenfone AR landing in UK today

Asus has announced that is bringing it’s Zenfone AR smartphone to the UK. In fact, the company has confirmed that the device will be available to pre-order in the country starting today (July 21). As for pricing, the phone will carry a tag of £799 (around $1,035).

Those pre-ordering will also get a Daydream View unit free. First 30 pre-orders will be eligible for some other freebies as well, including headphones, a case, and a screen protector.

The handset, for those who aren’t aware, offers support for Tango (Google’s AR system) and Daydream (Google’s VR platform). Specs-wise, the…

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) with dual-camera leaks again

The Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) was made official last month, and is already available in a few markets around the world. While the device comes with a 13MP rear camera, there have been rumors that China will get a different Galaxy J7 (2017), one that features a dual rear-camera setup.

There have been a few leaks so far for the device, focusing on the rear camera. And now, a couple of more images have surfaced, revealing a design broadly similar to what we’ve already seen.

Details are scarce at the moment, meaning we don’t know yet what other changes (if any) are there in the…

Verizon appears to be throttling its Netflix data

Net Neutrality has recently become a hot topic in the United States. The idea that internet service providers (ISPs) can prioritize or deprioritize data streams for payment or otherwise doesn’t resonate with a lot of Americans.

Well, Verizon is seemingly about to be on the other end of upset supporters of Net Neutrality as many users (including myself) are reporting a speed cap of 10 Mbps for Netflix’ Data on Verizon (some are even reporting this is happening on YouTube data as well).

This speed cap occurs while watching Netflix, or in the more obvious case, while performing a…

Google releases Motion Stills for Android

Last year, Google released a cool app that allows iOS users to stabilize the iPhone’s Live Photos which takes a really short video clip before and after any photo is taken as a way to relive its moment. This app is called Motion Stills, and is now available for Android.

The app doesn’t let you import existing clips to process them for stabilization, but it does let you create up to one-minute long time lapses which are called “fast-forwards” while the app’s main three-second animations are called “Motion Stills”.

Both the Motions Stills and Fast Forwards are stabilized in real…

Galaxy Note8 launch event date confirmed: August 23

Samsung has officially sent out invitations to the press for its Unpacked event in New York City, where the company will announce the Galaxy Note8. The invitation includes nothing more than two slim top and bottom bezels of the Note8 with no edges, which indicates the same 2:1 Infinity Display as the one on the Galaxy S8.

Furthermore, this disproves that one rumor that the Note8 would have a significantly larger top bezel than the lower one.

We are glad to see that Samsung’s mishap with the Galaxy Note7 hasn’t impacted the company’s sales or reputation. The proof of this is with…

The IAB finalizes its new ad standards

 The Interactive Advertising Bureau, a trade group representing online publishers and advertisers, has released new standards around mobile and web advertisers. Not every publisher and advertiser will follow these standards, but the standards are important because they help establish best practices around what is and isn’t acceptable for the industry. If done right, they help maintain… Read More

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