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Google Maps will let you share your location with friends and family for a specific period of time

March 21, 2017
 Google Maps has today announced a new feature to allow you to share your location with others. Now Google Maps will let you tell your friends where you are and give them directions to your location. It will also let you pick a special friend (like a family member, spouse or love interest, for example) to share your location with long-term. Read More

Instagram grows to 1M active advertisers, plans to add more data and direct booking

March 21, 2017
 Instagram’s advertiser base has doubled again.
The Facebook-owned photo and video app is announcing that it now has 1 million monthly active advertisers, compared to 500,000 in September and 200,000 just over a year ago.
Some of that growth can be attributed to the simple fact that a lot of people use Instagram — 400 million every day, as of January. But James Quarles, who… Read More

Kindle for iOS finally gets the “Send to Kindle” feature, challenging Pocket and Instapaper

March 20, 2017
 Amazon has quietly rolled out the “Send to Kindle” feature to its Kindle for iOS application that allows you to save to the app articles and documents found on the web. That means your Kindle device or app can replace your preferred “read it later” application — like Pocket or Instapaper, for example — apps where regular web readers often store the longer… Read More grants $50 million to nonprofits striving for equal access in education

March 20, 2017 is donating a $50 million block of grant money to education tech nonprofits striving to create equal access to education around the world. The money, and in-kind services from Google, will support organizations working to bring quality educational materials and teacher training to students in developing nations, and to help students in crisis maintain their education. Read More

Apple offers its own take on Snapchat and Instagram Stories with the simple Clips video editing app

March 20, 2017
 It won’t arrive in the App Store until next month, but Apple’s already offering up a preview of its new mobile video app. The company is positioning Clips as a halfway mark between iMovie and Memories (the slideshow feature in Camera) in terms of usability, but the Snapchat and Instagram Stories comparisons are going to prove pretty difficult to avoid on this one. Read More

Deeplink adds in-app search assistant for iOS that mimics Google’s Now on Tap

March 20, 2017
 Deep-linking technology has been making its way progressively into the mobile ecosystem, providing an easy way to take users from one app to a specific point in another one, much as hyperlinks do between web pages. Now one of the earlier movers in this area,, is adding a new feature that paves the way for deep linking, and automatic searching, within apps themselves. Read More

Mobile advertising startup Databerries raises $16M

March 20, 2017
 Databerries is announcing that it has raised $16 million in Series A funding — money that will help the Paris-headquartered company launch in the United States.
The startup describes its approach as “real life targeting.” It works with brick-and-mortar retailers to direct their ads at consumers who have been to their store or a competitor’s store… Read More

ARM’s next-gen chip design puts the focus on artificial intelligence

March 20, 2017
 ARM tipped its hand today with the announcement of DynamIQ, a new technology it says will lay the groundwork for its next generation of mobile processors. Like other mobile chip makers, the company’s got a lot to contend with when it comes to future-proofing its offerings, and certainly ARM’s making some pretty big claims for what it’s calling its “biggest… Read More