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Spotify now lets you create group playlists in Facebook Messenger

Today Spotify is announcing a new feature that works… inside Facebook Messenger. The online music streaming service now lets you build group playlists in Facebook’s messaging app.

It works very easily. When you are inside a group chat in Messenger, tap on the “+” in the lower left corner, choose Spotify, then create a playlist. From that point on, you as well as your friends who are participating in that group chat can add songs to the playlist. Interestingly, even people who aren’t on Spotify can part-take in the playlist creation, adding songs too.

This is a very straightforward…

Huawei Watch 2 now going for $264.99, $35 less than usual

Huawei released its second generation smartwatch in the US back in April, following the Watch 2’s announcement at MWC in February. The smartwatch has been on sale for $299.99 so far, but now there’s a neat deal to be had if you’re interested in picking one up.

An eBay seller with 99% positive feedback is offering the Huawei Watch 2 in Carbon Black for just $264.99, thus allowing you to save a cool $35 compared to the official price of the wearable. Note that this is the sporty-looking Watch 2 we’re talking about, and not the more expensive Watch 2 Classic.

Also keep in mind that only a…

Virgin Mobile stops selling Android handsets, goes iPhone-only with new Inner Circle plan

Sprint-owned prepaid brand Virgin Mobile has decided to shake things up in the US carrier space – somewhat, at least. Virgin is no longer selling any Android smartphones. The only devices on offer from this point on will be iPhones. You can choose between all of the models that Apple still sells, and you’ll have to pay the normal retail price for each one except the slightly cheaper iPhone SE with 32 and 128GB of storage.

Here’s the thing, though. If you buy an iPhone from Virgin and bring your number along to its network, your first year of service will cost $1. That works if you pick the…

vivo teaser possibly confirms it’s unveiling in-screen fingerprint scanner next week

Last week a leaked video purportedly showed a vivo smartphone with a fingerprint sensor embedded in the screen in action, but apparently that was fake. However, vivo could still be working on such technology, and its unveiling may still come on June 28.

What you see below is said to be a teaser image outed by vivo itself ahead of the Mobile World Congress Shanghai exhibition that starts on June 28. That “Unlock the future” message paired with what looks like the outline of a fingerprint going through the outline of a phone – those things may in fact be indicative of vivo outing an embedded…

iPhone 8 fingerprint sensor’s location not decided yet, new rumor claims

Apple has long been rumored to go with a fingerprint sensor embedded in the OLED screen of the upcoming iPhone 8, but apparently the exact way in which it will achieve such a feat is not set in stone yet. A new report from Cowen and Company’s Timothy Arcuri says Apple is yet to decide on which solution to use for the device’s biometric authentication.

The company is reportedly facing three options: thinning the cover glass of the display over a sensor area, creating a pinhole through the glass for an optical or ultrasonic sensor, or going with a “film” sensor which is integrated into the…

Kodak launches two tablets in collaboration with Archos

Earlier this year the Kodak Ektra smartphone arrived, and now the former photo company releases two tablets. The slates are manufactured, sold and distributed by Archos and both carry the name Kodak Tablet.

Kodak Tablet 7

The chipset powering the Kodak Tablets is Mediatek MTK8321 with four Cortex-A53 CPU core, clocked at 1.3 GHz. There’s only 1 gig of RAM, while the internal storage is either 16 GB for the Kodak Tablet 7 or 32 GB for Kodak Tablet 10 version. There is also a slot for microSD card for expanding that by up to 64 GB.

There are two cameras on each tablet – the…

OnePlus 5 uses the same display panel as the 3T

The OnePlus 5 uses the same screen as the OnePlus 3T – no, we don’t mean the same specs, it’s the exact same panel. AIDA64 detects a Samsung S6E3FA5 panel on both devices.

This is a change from the original OnePlus 3, which had an FA3 panel. It’s not entirely clear what the differences are between FA3 and FA5. Still, the OnePlus 5 has no hardware improvements over its predecessor, at least as far as screen is concerned.

OnePlus 5 uses a Samsung S6E3FA5 AMOLED display panel

Actually, our review shows a slightly lower maximum brightness and a slightly worse sunlight legibility for…

Nokia 3310 durability test is here to ruin your childhood

We’ve seen numerous durability tests of all the flagships, but now a guy tested the Nokia 3310 (2017) featurephone, and the results are disappointing.

The test unit already had scratches from everyday use before the reviewer even started torturing it so no wonders were expected. But still, given that it’s the spiritual successor of the internet celebrity that is the 3310, it was worth a shot.

A pocket knife with level 5 hardness on the Mohs scale was all it took to turn the new 3310 into a scratched mess. You can see the rest in the video below.

The reviewer somehow gives…

Virgin Mobile goes iPhone-only, offers a year of service for $1

 In attempt to woo customers away from competitors, Virgin Mobile USA today announced a deal that will see it transitioning to become an iPhone-only carrier. The company is also partnering with Apple to activate Virgin’s services in Apple’s stores. To kick off this change, Virgin introduced a limited time promotion that will see it giving away a year’s worth of unlimited… Read More