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HTC U Ultra vs Google Pixel and HTC 10: cameras compared

April 11, 2017

Several days ago, we published a camera comparison between HTC’s latest high-end Android phone, the HTC U Ultra, and three other phones known for their great cameras, namely the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, the LG G6, and the iPhone 7 Plus. The results – Samsung’s flagship from last year took the top spot, followed closely by the LG G6. Тhe Ultra finished in third place and the iPhone 7 Plus was just a step behind it. So yeah, perhaps the U Ultra isn’t the ultimate cameraphone, but we’re not done comparing its camera capabilities just yet. For today’s camera comparison, we have it …

Bixby’s success or failure should improve all smartphones

April 11, 2017
Samsung is a strange company in many ways. It’s the only maker other than Apple to make a profit in mobile hardware, but it has a bit of an inferiority complex because it doesn’t have the software story to compete top to bottom with Apple and Google. But, that doesn’t keep Samsung from trying. Samsung’s attempts in software often misfire either because of a lack of interest (Tizen) or because Samsung is doing nothing more than doubling up features found in other apps (like the Samsung browser, calendar app, etc.) It’s easy to see Bixby squarely in that second category, but that’s not quite accurate.

Bixby …

Full Harvest raises $2 million to stop farmers from tossing ‘ugly’ fruit and veggies

April 11, 2017
 Full Harvest, a San Francisco-based startup, has raised $2 million in seed funding to reduce food waste at the farm level. Founded by Christine Moseley, formerly the head of business development for cold-pressed juice makers Organic Avenue, Full Harvest connects farmers with food makers who want to buy the fruit and veggies that grocers deem too ugly to sell in stores. While she was helping… Read More

iPal Baby – Virtual Baby Childcare Simulator Free iPhone Review

April 11, 2017

The Smartphone App ReviewThe Smartphone App Review – High Quality App Reviews for Smartphones and Tablets

Have you ever wanted to take care of a baby, but wanted a way to practice before faced with the real thing? iPal Baby – Virtual Baby Childcare Simulator Free app by Some Face, LLC, lets you do just that. Here is the app’s full description: IPal Baby is a new app, which uses the same […]

This article iPal Baby – Virtual Baby Childcare Simulator Free iPhone Review appeared first on The Smartphone App Review.

Apple updates TestFlight with several enhancements for developers and testers

April 10, 2017
Apple has updated its TestFlight beta testing tools for developers, adding a number of useful new features. Developers that head to the My Apps section of iTunes Connect will be treated to a rundown of TestFlight’s new capabilities, which include support for multiple builds, improvements to testing groups, and more.

As spotted by developer Louis D’hauwe and others, the latest TestFlight updates feature:

Multiple Build Support – TestFlight Now lets you distribute and test multiple builds at the same time, so testers can choose from a number of builds to test.

Enhanced Groups – TestFlight groups have changed. You can now do more with them, like create groups of TestFlight users, and each group can test a different build. To get started, we’ve added all of your existing external testers to the group “External Testers,” which you can edit at any time. If you previously created groups, learn how to use them with the new TestFlight Features

Improved Testing – Testers can con…

How to share location and directions with Google Maps

April 10, 2017
Google Maps makes it easy to share both your location and directions.

Google Maps recently added a new location-sharing feature to its app for iPhone and iPad. This is useful when you’re trying to meet up with people, especially in large areas like parks or beaches. You can easily choose who you share with, how long you share, and how. The app also makes it easy to share directions to destinations, great for getting input on potential routes or for planning shared trips with other drivers.

Here’s how you can share your locations and directions with Google Maps.

How to share your location directly with Google Maps
How to share your location in Google Maps with a link
How to share directions in Google Maps

How to share your location directly with Google Maps

Google Maps offers a couple of different methods for sharing your location. The first is sharing directly in Google Maps itself with people on your Google Contacts list.

Open Google Maps on your iPhone or iPad
Tap the Menu b…

Everything you need to know about the Misfit Flare

April 10, 2017
Misfit’s newest tracker has a certain ‘Flare’. Here’s what you need to know!

Misfit has announced a new $60 fitness and sleep tracker, known as the Flare. Like just about every fitness tracker, this one tracks your steps, calories, distance, and sleep quality. Unlike other prominent fitness trackers, this one’s only $60. Do you pay for what you get?

Let’s take a look!

See at Misfit

Is this better than other Misfit fitness trackers?

Technically, no. This is Misfit’s new entry-level tracker. If you have to have a Misfit but don’t want to spend $100, this is your best option, at $60.

Which activities does it track?

The Misfit Flare’s tracking abilities aren’t limited to steps. It can track different exercises, like walking, running, yoga, soccer, basketball, and swimming. If you do want to track swim laps, you’ll need to make a $10 in-app purchase.

What colors does it come in?

Black. That’s it.

Despite its name, the Flare isn’t exactly for folks looking for a fashion-forward t…

How to designate someone as a parent or guardian with Family Sharing

April 10, 2017
If you have someone else in the family to whom you’d like to give parental rights (i.e. the ability to grant a child account permission to purchase content), here’s how!

Updated April 2017: Updated to reflect changes in iOS 10.

If you live in a household where you need to monitor and control iTunes and App Store purchases that children are making, Family Sharing lets you do just that. Once you’ve got it set up, you can even designate which adults in the group can make purchasing decisions for younger children.

How to assign someone as a parent or guardian with Family Sharing

Note that in order to assign someone as a parent or guardian, you’ll need to be the family organizer, i.e. the person that set up the Family Sharing group.

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
Tap the Apple ID banner at the top.
Tap on Family Sharing.

Tap on the person you’d like to assign as a parent or guardian.
Tap the switch next to Parent/Guardian to turn it on (green is on).

That’s it…

Apple files suit against Swatch over ‘Tick different’ marketing slogan

April 10, 2017
Apple is suing Swiss watchmaker Swatch over its slogan for its new NFC-enabled watch. The promotion for the watch, which uses NFC to allow wearers to make payments with the watch, features the slogan “Tick different,” which Apple sees as an intentional reference to its famous “Think Different” slogan.

According to Swiss site Watson, Apple faces an uphill battle in this case (translated from German):

To ensure that the provocation was also noticed in California, Swatch had slipped the slogan in the register of trade marks. Apple has bet on the renowned Zurich law firm Lenz & Staehelin to tackle all possible trademark infringement in Switzerland. In this case, it also appealed and filed a complaint in the name of Apple at the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property. But it was refused.

Swatch has previously managed to trademark the phrase “One more thing,” which Apple also unsuccessfully sought to block. That phrase was often used by late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs…

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