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Take a look at live photos of the rugged Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

July 22, 2017
Since 2013, Samsung has produced a rugged version of its current flagship model. For example, this year we will see the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active. Designed for those with an active lifestyle or for those who have trouble holding on to their phone, the Active series is designed to take a licking and keep on ticking. And traditionally, the Galaxy Active handsets have been exclusive in the U.S. to AT&T.

While we have seen some leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, today we have several live shots showing the handset in action, and another photo revealing what the back of the phone …

Report: All four major U.S. carriers will offer the Moto Z2 Force; check out the latest images

July 22, 2017
Unlike the original Moto Z Force, which was a Verizon exclusive in the states and given the name Moto Z Force DROID Edition, the sequel will be available from all four major U.S. carriers. That is the word from tipster extraordinaire Evan Blass, who posted the leak on his Twitter page. We’ve already seen an image that is supposedly that of the handset wearing the AT&T logo on the back. The Moto Z2 Force (it’s unknown whether Verizon’s version of the phone will use the DROID name again) is believed to be one of several phones to be unveiled this coming Tuesday, July 25th.

According to …

How to use an Apple Watch if you use Android

July 22, 2017
Can Android users get the most out of Apple’s smartwatch?

In case you’re wondering if you can use an Apple Watch with your Android phone, you can’t. That being said, if you’re dying to use an Apple Watch because the choice for Android smartwatches isn’t exactly enticing, you have a couple options.

Here’s what you can do.

Switch to iPhone

This may seem obvious and out of the question, but hey, iPhones rival some of the best Android flagships with less impressive specs, because Apple does more with less. The iPhone is also on its way to being more Android-like. As much as purists hate to admit it, Apple is slowly opening iOS to more customizability and more control over your experience.

If you’ve been on the fence recently, you might consider a switch in order to embrace Apple’s ecosystem.

Best iPhone

Pick up an older/refurbished iPhone

If you do not want to switch to iPhone, but you still want to experience the Apple Watch, you could pick up an older model or refurbished iPhon…

Some original Apple Watch models brought in for servicing are being exchanged for Series 1 units

July 22, 2017
If you bring your original Apple Watch in for service, you could end up getting a Series 1 Apple Watch back in return. Apple has informed retail store employees and Authorized Service providers that some original generation Apple Watch units brought in for repair can be substituted with a Series 1 model instead. The substitution will only take place in certain countries, although these markets were not listed by Apple. Additionally, the Series 1 substitutions are limited to Apple Watch units in Silver, Space Gray, Gold, and Rose Gold.

Those who purchased the original Apple Watch are no longer …

Win an iPad Pro from iMore Digital Offers

July 22, 2017
The iPad Pro is the best tablet you can buy in 2017. With its stunning display and gorgeous design, it’s a marvel to behold — and it can be yours thanks to iMore Digital Offers!

Enter to win an 10.5-inch iPad Pro! Learn more

Right now we’re giving a way a iPad Pro to a lucky reader — and it could be you! It’s free to enter, so don’t delay! Valued at $649, this is quite the giveaway.

This contest is open to all legal residents of the United States who are eighteen (18) years of age or older as of the date of entry.

Enter to win your own iPad Pro! Learn more

Best iPhone 7 Deals for July 2017

July 22, 2017
What is the best iPhone 7 deal available right now? Let’s take a look at where you can score the biggest savings!

Want to pick up an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus but don’t want to pay full price for it? There are always deals at various retailers: Some offer slight discounts, while others offer free accessories with your purchase to sweeten the deal. Keeping up with all of the deals around the web can be a pain as they change weekly, but we’ve got you covered with the best deals you can find in July 2017.

Here are the best iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus deals that you can find right now!

iPhone 7

Are you a fan of the smaller size and want to pick up the iPhone 7? This time around Apple has changed the base storage in the iPhone 7 line to 32GB at no additional cost, which makes it a better value by default. Odds are that you’ll want more than the baseline storage, so saving some money to get the additional capacity is important. Here are some of the best iPhone 7 deals you can find right…

How to use your iPhone to get a FASTPASS at Disneyland

July 22, 2017
You can grab a FASTPASS for a ride a Disneyland, CA without even having to go to the distribution kiosk!

Disney has added a much-needed feature to its Disneyland (California) app that makes it possible to get a FASTPASS for a ride without having to run to the distribution kiosk first. With MaxPass, all you need to do is link your admission ticket and continue on your merry way, even if the kiosk is on the other side of the park … or in a totally different park.

Download the Disneyland app

The MaxPass is a great feature for fans of the more popular rides, especially since grabbing a FASTPASS can take up important riding time that could be better used elsewhere. Some rides, like Radiator Springs Racers, have long lines just to get a FASTPASS. You could spend 30 minutes in line, just to get a return time for as late as 8:00 p.m.

You can use your park admission ticket or an Annual Passport with the MaxPass. Right now, Disney is offering an introductory price for this feature, plus …

How to beat Lugia, Articuno, and other Legendary Raids in Pokémon Go

July 22, 2017
How do you beat Legendary Raids and Raid Bosses like Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Raiku, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, Ho-Oh, and Celebi? Here’s your guide!

When Pokémon Go launched Battle Raids as part of the game’s big summer update, the expectation was that Legendary Raid Battles would soon follow and finally give players a chance to battle and even catch Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Raiku, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, Ho-Oh, and Celebi.

Well, it looks like those expectations are about to be met!

How to beat regular Raid Bosses in Pokémon Go

What has Pokémon Go said about Legendary Raids?

From Pokémon Go:

These Trainers also played an integral role in revealing that Lugia would be the first Legendary Pokémon to enter the real world. In addition to Lugia, the number of Pokémon caught during Pokémon GO Fest by members of Team Instinct, Team Mystic, and Team Valor were tallied up, and, the winner was… …

Carphone Warehouse takes 10% off the price of the BlackBerry KEYone

July 22, 2017
U.K. online retailer Carphone Warehouse is taking 10% off the price of the BlackBerry KEYone. That takes the handset with the physical QWERTY keyboard and the impressively long battery life from £499 ($648 USD) to £449 ($583 USD). Interestingly, Carphone Warehouse didn’t say whether this is a limited time offer, or a permanent new price. The model receiving the price cut is the SIM free unlocked version of the handset.

The BlackBerry KEYone is a great phone for those who push out many emails and texts, thanks to the physical QWERTY keyboard. Typing is faster and more accurate, and this just …

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