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Samsung teases next-generation Exynos 9 mobile processor

February 16, 2017

The head of operations might be behind bars, but Samsung is still Samsung and its enthusiasm for computer chips is understandable, considering 1) they are killing it in terms of sales and 2) the products themselves are killer. After all, if the Exynos processors or the various memory modules and image sensors Samsung manufactures weren’t any good, the market would have retaliated with fire and brimstone!

It makes sense that Samsung is teasing its next-generation Exynos processor like a product you’d really like to have. The company published this image on Twitter, …

Best Buy’s Presidents’ Day sale scores you $250 off a MacBook Air, an iPhone SE for $10 a month and more

February 16, 2017
Best Buy has kicked off its Presidents’ Day sale and it scores you some pretty great savings on select Apple products. From the iPhone SE and iPhone 7 to the iPad Pro, the latest MacBook Air and iMac to the Apple TV, there are a bunch of great deals here you won’t want to miss out on. Beyond just Apple products, you can also save big on select TV sets, routers, cameras and even major appliances. Best Buy is also running a promotion which can save you an additional $25 on any purchase of $100 or more right now.

Some of the top deals include:

13.3-inch MacBook Air – $750 (normally $1,000)
21.5-inch iMac – $1,300 (normally $1,500)
32GB Apple TV (4th Gen) – $140 (normally $150)
Sharp 55-inch 4K HDTV – $450 (normally $650)
Sony on-ear headphones – $30 (normally $60)
In addition, you can save up to $150 on an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, and grab an iPhone SE for as little as $9.99 a month when purchasing on a new monthly installment plan. This is just a small sample of what is available d…

Best Sleeves for MacBook Pro (Late 2016)

February 16, 2017
What are the best sleeves for the new MacBook Pro? Here are our favorites!

Updated February, 2017: Added the Tomtoc and Inateck sleeves.

The new MacBook Pro is fire (as the kids say) or hawt (as the reality show idiots of my day said). But that gorgeous aluminum exterior is just that — it’s no adamantium. If you don’t want a hard shell case, fine; they’re kind of cumbersome and awful to try and remove.

At least grab a decent sleeve so that the outer beauty of your new MacBook Pro matches its inner beauty.

Here are our favorite sleeves!

Case Logic
Pad & Quill Valet


All you need to know about the AmazonBasics sleeve is in the name — it’s basic. But if that’s all you need, then it’s a steal of a deal, for around $7, to start.

It’s available in 13.3 inches and 15.6 inches, which is a little bigger than the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro, but we’ll probably have to deal with that for a bit. It shouldn’t…

The Nokia flagship – one big reason it’s still in limbo

February 16, 2017

Let me start this piece by saying that I love Nokia. I used to be a power user during the pre-Microsoft era. In fact, my first smartphone was a Nokia X7, when I could easily go for an Android alternative. Come to think about it, that last one was probably a mistake on my part, but that’s not the point. The point is that when I found out Nokia is coming back in the smartphone business without Microsoft, I squealed like a little girl presented with a tiny chihuahua puppy.

But then the other news came in – the new Nokia was nothing special. It was just a mid-ranger …

Can’t wait for Injustice 2? Well, the iOS version just popped up on the Philippine App Store…

February 16, 2017
It’s safe to say that Injustice 2 is the most anticipated fighting game for 2017. The genre isn’t exactly rich on mainstream, universally played and accepted titles, so, now that the latest Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter games are out and going strong, the sequel of the successful superhero brawler Injustice is next to bring round-based fights to our PCs and consoles.

Well, not just consoles. Warner Bros. has been pretty consistent in launching mobile versions of their hot games for the past few years, to act as tie-ins, or just appetizers before the main course. We’ve seen mobile takes …

Billboard’s newest cover photo was taken with an iPhone 7 Plus

February 16, 2017

It wasn’t so long ago when people were claiming a camera-equipped phone was an unnecessary idea which could never replace the real thing, yet here we are – Billboard, one of the biggest music publications in the United States, has just released its latest issue, which features a cover photo taken on an iPhone. Take that, haters.

This is yet another major win for smartphone photography, which may still not be perfect, but is much more capable than what it’s usually given credit for. Apple in particular, with its consistent high-quality of cameras, …

Touch ID not working for you? Here’s how to fix it!

February 16, 2017
How do I fix Touch ID? If you can’t get access to your iOS device or Mac with Touch ID, try these troubleshooting tips!

Updated February 2017 to add new Touch ID information and update troubleshooting photos.

Touch ID is Apple’s fingerprint identity sensor. It allows you to unlock your device, log in to apps, use Apple Pay, and make purchases from the App Store and iTunes by touching and briefly holding your finger against the sensor. When it works, it’s magical, and you want it everywhere – your car, your house, your yacht, your one-man rocket to Mars. When it doesn’t, you want to throw your iPhone (or Mac) across the room.

What can make Touch ID failures even more frustrating is figuring out why they’re failing. From the outside it seems like the stereotypical black box. A fingerprint goes in and then it either works or doesn’t, and if it doesn’t, there’s no way for us to see what went wrong, why, or how to fix it. Maddening.

There are, however, some things you can do to make…

How to use Evolution Items to get Steelix, Scizor, Slowking, and more in Pokémon Go Gen 2

February 16, 2017
How do you evolve most Gen 1 Pokémon into their all-new Gen 2 forms? With Evolution Items!

In Pokémon Go Gen 1, you could evolve any Pokémon you wanted as long as you had enough Candy. For some Pokémon in Gen 2, though, Candy is no longer enough. Now, if you want to evolve Gloom into Bellosum, Sunkern into Sunflora, Poliwhirl into Politeod, Slowpoke into Slowking, Onix into Steelix, Scyther into Scizor, Seadra into Kingdra, and Porygon into Porygon 2 you need more. You need Evolution Stones. Here’s how they work!

BREAKING: Pokémon Go 2 now LIVE!

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What are Evolution Items in Pokémon Go Gen 2?

Evolution Items are objects that trigger the new evolutions — or newly split evolutions — for Gen 1 Pokémon into Gen 2 Pokémon forms. There are five types of Evolution Items in Pokémon Go Gen 2:…

The Zus smart car charger can help you find where you parked

February 16, 2017
The inevitable has happened. You’re in a giant parking lot á la Six Flags or the Mall of America; you can’t find your car, and your phone is on its last legs. WHAT DO YOU DO?! Sure would be nice to have been able to charge up on the way to the mall, eh? Sure would be nice to whip out an app and follow a convenient arrow in the direction of your vehicle, no?


Charge your devices and locate your car for $30 Learn more

The Zus Smart Car Charger is the answer to your lost car/dead device prayers. It acts as a USB charger when plugged into your car’s 12V port (cigarette lighter), and it works even when the ignition is off. Zus claims to charge two iPads faster than any other car charger. The smart chipset inside sees to it that each device you plug in receives the fastest charge possible. This charger retails for $49.99, but at iMore Digital Offers, it’s just $29.99, a savings of $40%.

If you’re ever lost in a vast parking lot, the Bluetooth transmitter in the charger w…

New Pokemon mobile game to come out for iOS and Android

February 16, 2017

A fourth official Pokemon game called “Splash! Magikarp” is expected to hit iOS and Android devices sometime this year.

As you might know, Magikarp is one of the most iconic species in the Pokemon universe. In stark contrast with almost any other creature out there, Magikarp’s single “Splash” ability is basically useless against other Pokemon. However, this apparently hopeless fish does have a hidden trick up its fin – it evolves into the giant sea serpent Gyarados, which is quite powerful.

A teaser website was recently released for the title, which includes …