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LG V30 rumored to sport Snapdragon 835, 6 GB RAM and dual front and back cameras

February 16, 2017

LG went through a rather difficult 2016. The company attempted to shake things up with the bold designs of its G5 and V20 handsets, but its gamble didn’t pay off as both models failed to entice the mass consumer and sold poorly. 

As a result, the South Korean firm has reportedly changed tactics and is likely to adopt a more traditional approach in 2017.

The LG G6 will have its premiere at MWC which is just around the corner, so we do have a considerable amount of information about the device. One of the biggest let downs of the upcoming flagship is that it …

Stagehand Tips and Tricks: How to get to Tuesday (and beyond) and nab those fancy bonus characters

February 16, 2017
Having trouble getting Frank through the first few hundred meters of Stagehand? Let us give you the skinny.

If you’ve been paying attention to the internet lately, you may have noticed an increase in 8-bit GIFs sending characters to a variety of bizarre deaths: This is Stagehand, Matt Comi and Neven Mrgan’s new endless runner, and it’s delightful.

But unlike your garden-variety endless runner, Stagehand doesn’t put you in control of the character; instead, you’re controlling the very scenery itself as your buddy runs, jumps, and — yes — occasionally falls feet-first into lava.

These mechanics can throw even seasoned gamers for a loop as they get used to the controls, but lucky for you, dear reader, we’ve got a few tips on how to conquer Stagehand and work your way through its pixelated days, nights, and weeks to beat your friends.

Stagehand – Download now!

The basics

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of making Stagehand your personal endless runner pla…

BlackBerry Mercury receives its Wi-Fi certification

February 16, 2017
BlackBerry removed at least one task from its “To-Do list” as the last BlackBerry designed in-house makes its way toward an unveiling on February 25th. The handset code named the BlackBerry Mercury has received its certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance. While it is no surprise that the phone will come with Wi-Fi, you might recall that the BlackBerry Storm 9530 launched without such connectivity. The Storm 2 corrected this mistake along with some others.

The BlackBerry Mercury (BBB100-2) will feature a physical QWERTY keyboard and a 4.5-inch display. We could see the Snapdragon 625 chipset …

Hi, I’m an iPad Pro! — ‘We hear you’ brings classic feel to new ads

February 16, 2017
Apple has just launched a new ad campaign called ‘We Hear You’, and it’s going to show real people how iPad Pro can solve their real computing problems.

“We Hear You”, Apple’s new iPad Pro campaign, reminded me immediately of “Get a Mac”, the classic series of ads that had John Hodgman as PC and Justin Long as Mac show how Windows pain points could be easily, often delightfully fixed simply by switching to a Mac.

Apple has had its biggest success with iPad when it’s targeted people who were alienated and frustrated by traditional Windows PCs. Smart people. Productive people. Creative people. People who, simply by virtue of nature or nurture, found pointers and file systems indirect and abstract.

“We Believe”, the iPad 2 ad where Apple affirmed for them that technology alone wasn’t enough, that it had to get out of their way for magic to really happen, was like a breath of fresh, directly manipulable, infinitely relatable air.

“Your Verse”, the iPad Air campaign, touched o…

Why Touch ID makes the MacBook Pro the best Mac ever

February 16, 2017
Though some may consider the Touch Bar on the 2016 MacBook Pro a gimmick, there is no denying that Touch ID is the best feature to ever come to the Mac.

I’ve been regularly using the 2016 MacBook Pro since it arrived on my doorstep nearly three months ago. I love many things about it, but I’ve been at odds with what I think about the Touch Bar since day one. I probably use it more often than most, but still don’t use it often enough. One thing about the 2016 MacBook Pro I do use regularly, and consider it to be the most important new feature for Mac, is Touch ID.

Touch ID lets me create even more complex passwords

Thanks to Touch ID on the iPhone and iPad, I’ve been much better at creating long, complex passwords for my Apple ID. In the past, I still reigned it in because I knew I had to remember those passwords, or at least find them in my password manager app, while on my Mac. Now that I have Touch ID on my Mac, I use a nice string of complex numbers, letters, and symbols that…

Samsung teases next-generation Exynos 9 mobile processor

February 16, 2017

The head of operations might be behind bars, but Samsung is still Samsung and its enthusiasm for computer chips is understandable, considering 1) they are killing it in terms of sales and 2) the products themselves are killer. After all, if the Exynos processors or the various memory modules and image sensors Samsung manufactures weren’t any good, the market would have retaliated with fire and brimstone!

It makes sense that Samsung is teasing its next-generation Exynos processor like a product you’d really like to have. The company published this image on Twitter, …

Best Buy’s Presidents’ Day sale scores you $250 off a MacBook Air, an iPhone SE for $10 a month and more

February 16, 2017
Best Buy has kicked off its Presidents’ Day sale and it scores you some pretty great savings on select Apple products. From the iPhone SE and iPhone 7 to the iPad Pro, the latest MacBook Air and iMac to the Apple TV, there are a bunch of great deals here you won’t want to miss out on. Beyond just Apple products, you can also save big on select TV sets, routers, cameras and even major appliances. Best Buy is also running a promotion which can save you an additional $25 on any purchase of $100 or more right now.

Some of the top deals include:

13.3-inch MacBook Air – $750 (normally $1,000)
21.5-inch iMac – $1,300 (normally $1,500)
32GB Apple TV (4th Gen) – $140 (normally $150)
Sharp 55-inch 4K HDTV – $450 (normally $650)
Sony on-ear headphones – $30 (normally $60)
In addition, you can save up to $150 on an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, and grab an iPhone SE for as little as $9.99 a month when purchasing on a new monthly installment plan. This is just a small sample of what is available d…

Best Sleeves for MacBook Pro (Late 2016)

February 16, 2017
What are the best sleeves for the new MacBook Pro? Here are our favorites!

Updated February, 2017: Added the Tomtoc and Inateck sleeves.

The new MacBook Pro is fire (as the kids say) or hawt (as the reality show idiots of my day said). But that gorgeous aluminum exterior is just that — it’s no adamantium. If you don’t want a hard shell case, fine; they’re kind of cumbersome and awful to try and remove.

At least grab a decent sleeve so that the outer beauty of your new MacBook Pro matches its inner beauty.

Here are our favorite sleeves!

Case Logic
Pad & Quill Valet


All you need to know about the AmazonBasics sleeve is in the name — it’s basic. But if that’s all you need, then it’s a steal of a deal, for around $7, to start.

It’s available in 13.3 inches and 15.6 inches, which is a little bigger than the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro, but we’ll probably have to deal with that for a bit. It shouldn’t…

The Nokia flagship – one big reason it’s still in limbo

February 16, 2017

Let me start this piece by saying that I love Nokia. I used to be a power user during the pre-Microsoft era. In fact, my first smartphone was a Nokia X7, when I could easily go for an Android alternative. Come to think about it, that last one was probably a mistake on my part, but that’s not the point. The point is that when I found out Nokia is coming back in the smartphone business without Microsoft, I squealed like a little girl presented with a tiny chihuahua puppy.

But then the other news came in – the new Nokia was nothing special. It was just a mid-ranger …

Can’t wait for Injustice 2? Well, the iOS version just popped up on the Philippine App Store…

February 16, 2017
It’s safe to say that Injustice 2 is the most anticipated fighting game for 2017. The genre isn’t exactly rich on mainstream, universally played and accepted titles, so, now that the latest Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter games are out and going strong, the sequel of the successful superhero brawler Injustice is next to bring round-based fights to our PCs and consoles.

Well, not just consoles. Warner Bros. has been pretty consistent in launching mobile versions of their hot games for the past few years, to act as tie-ins, or just appetizers before the main course. We’ve seen mobile takes …