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Spaces co-working: Working from home is overrated

March 21, 2017
Working from home can be great. No one’s gonna drain the coffee pot before you get there; no one’s gonna drop a “what’s happening?” on you when you’re in the flow; and, yes, pants are optional. But it can be lonely, and it’s nice to have people to bounce your work off of. When you’re a one-man team, or your team is spread out, you might consider a co-working space. And if you’re going that far, then you might as well consider Spaces co-working!

I’m Michael Fisher –MrMobile to the world– and I normally just have one weirdo I share an office with (Justus knows he’s a weirdo; it’s okay). Recently he and I got to check out Spaces co-working on Newbury Street in Boston. There, we shared offices with software developers, lawyers, artists, and many others – and ate tons of free hummus in the process. To see how we fared, click that video … and to learn more about Spaces co-working, click here.

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Spaces Newbury St

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The 9.7-inch iPad is here and iMore is giving one away!

March 21, 2017
Apple has unveiled a new iteration of the 9.7-inch iPad and you could win it right here!

Apple has just announced a new version of its 9.7-inch iPad, replacing the aging iPad Air 2. The new 9.7-inch iPad has some upgrades from the previous iPad, and it’s a nice entry point for the education market and first-time tablet users, or anyone that doesn’t need all the bells and whistles you get with the iPad Pro. If that’s you, or you just really like iPads and want to win this new version, keep reading and see how you can enter!

The Prize: One lucky iMore reader will win a new 128GB 9.7-inch iPad in their choice of Space Gray, Silver, or Rose Gold!!

The Rules: There are multiple ways to enter, each with varying point values, in the widget at the bottom of this post. Complete all of the tasks by clicking each option in the widget for maximum entries and your best shot at winning! Keep in mind that all winning entries are verified and if the task was not completed or cannot be verified, a…

How to get Evolution Items in Pokémon Go

March 20, 2017
How do you evolve Onix, Porygon, Scyther, Seadra, and other Gen 1 Pokémon into their all-new Gen 2 forms? With Evolution Items!

Updated March 21, 2017: Pokémon Go is updating to restore the guaranteed Evolution Item from your 7-day streak PokéStop spin. Hallelujah!

The 7-day ‘First PokéStop of the Day’ streak will now award a random Evolution item.

The change is listed as part of an upcoming software update but is actually server-side and reports are already coming in that it’s up and running.

In Pokémon Go Gen 1, you could evolve any Pokémon you wanted as long as you had enough Candy. For some Pokémon in Gen 2, though, Candy is no longer enough. Now, if you want to evolve Gloom into Bellosum, Sunkern into Sunflora, Poliwhirl into Politeod, Slowpoke into Slowking, Onix into Steelix, Scyther into Scizor, Seadra into Kingdra, and Porygon into Porygon 2 you need more — You need Evolution Stones. Here’s how they work!


iTunes 12.6 lets you watch rented movies across your Apple devices

March 20, 2017
Apple has released iTunes 12.6 which introduces a change to movie rentals, while also offering performance improvements. With this update, users of devices running the upcoming iOS 10.3 for iPhone and iPad and tvOS 10.2 for Apple TV will be able to watch their iTunes movie rentals on any of their devices.

Rent once, watch anywhere. Now you can enjoy your iTunes movie rentals across your devices with iOS 10.3 or tvOS 10.2. This update also includes minor app and performance improvements.

Apple hasn’t given a release date, though this iTunes update may indicate that it’s close at hand.

You can download the latest version of iTunes from the Updates section of the Mac App Store.

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Everything you need to know about Apple’s spring announcements

March 20, 2017
Get the lowdown on Apple’s latest announcements.

Apple recently announced quite a few updates to several of its product lines, along with a brand new app coming in April. Here’s what you need to know about Apple’s latest announcements.

The iPhone sees (Product)RED

Apple has once again expanded the color palette of the iPhone, this time introducing a beautiful new red finish for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, again partnering with the (Product)RED campaign to donate a portion of this model’s sales to fund HIV/AIDS prevention programs.

Apple has also given a small update to the iPhone SE. The 4-inch iPhone now comes in 32GB and 128GB models, an upgrade over the 16GB and 64GB models introduced last year.

Additionally, the company is rolling out some new iPhone 7 case colors for spring in azure, camellia, pebble, and more.

This is the special edition (Product)RED iPhone 7!

Should you upgrade your iPhone SE for double the storage?

Apple has hot – and cool! – new iPh…

Reddit to experiment with proper profiles, users predictably freak out

March 20, 2017
If you ask Redditors, Reddit just ruined everything forever with a small test offered to a handful of users. Not an overreaction at all, nope…

A small group of content creators on Reddit have been chosen to test an early version of a new feature. Basically, these users now have public profiles for other Redditors to subscribe to. These users can post things directly to this profile, making it possible for individual profile posts to appear on the home page instead of through a particular community. According to Reddit, this test is all about courting content creators.

We’re making this change because content creators tell us they have a hard time finding the right place to post their content. We also want to support them in being able to grow their own followers (similar to how communities can build subscribers). We’ve been working very closely with mods in a few communities to make sure the product will not negatively impact our existing communities. These mods have provided …

How to add an iCloud email alias and keep your email address safe

March 20, 2017
How do I set up and use iCloud email aliases? Using your web browser and iPhone!

An iCloud email alias allows people to send email to your iCloud account without ever having to divulge your true email address. This not only helps secure your account against potential malicious users on the web, but you can also use aliases to signup for mailing lists and other miscellany — and kill them if the list turns into too much spam or junk.

Here’s how you can create and manage your iCloud email aliases for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

How to create and manage iCloud email aliases

While you can create brand new iCloud accounts on your iPhone, you’ll have to go to your Mac to create an alias.

Go to and sign in with your Apple ID.
Click Mail.
Click the gear icon on the bottom left of the window.
Click Preferences.

Click Accounts.
Click Add an alias…
Enter an alias for your iCloud email address. You can also choose to label the address to indicate how it’s used …