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Online Gambling Apps for Android and iPhone

February 23, 2017

Being able to gamble online is one of the greatest features the Internet has brought to all of us that enjoy the rush of gambling. Most of us don’t have time to go to a casino as often as we would like to and spend the afternoon or night there; the world has become a very busy place to live at and we must keep up, however, thanks to the internet, being productive is not exclusive from being entertained and now we can bet online without having to leave our home or office. It is human nature to be constantly looking for the best solution to our problems or to make our life easier, from the minute we wake up till the minute we go to bed we are constantly finding the most efficient ways to achieve our goals easier and faster; the Internet was a great solution to many problems, online gambling was a solution to the lack of time and online gambling apps for Android and iPhone now…

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Exploration Games for Android

February 23, 2017

There are hundreds of game worlds you can visit on the smartphone. This list features five that are worth checking out. There’s open landscapes, distant galaxies, and underwater worlds to explore in these games. The features of each game are provided, along with the best and worst aspects of the game. Tropical Island Survivor 3D This is an open world game where the weather changes and the days pass by. The goal is to survive on the jungle island by crafting items (fishing pole, stone ax, campfire, etc.). There’s also a store where you can buy supplies (wood, stone, scrap, and fiber). Fishing is one way to acquire food. Features: Jungle island setting Directional joystick Punch and jump buttons Map Inventory screen Crafting screen for weapons, tools, medicine, and shelter Supply store What’s good about this game? Crafting and day/night environments What’s wrong with this game? Supplies cost gold coins Winter Exploration: Lite 3D This game takes place in a vast winter expanse. There are trees in the distance and…

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