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Motorcycle Games for Android

February 15, 2017

There’s lots of motorcycle games in the app store. Here’s five that are worth checking out. There’s a list of features for each game and an informative summary that includes helpful tips for playing. The best and worst parts of the game are provided as well. Bike Race The first thing you notice about this game is the catchy tune on the title screen. It sets the mood nicely. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last. The first level in this motorcycle game is set in the desert, and there’s a thin track with gaps and loops. The goal is to stay upright on the course, which isn’t easy. The best way to play is to accelerate through the whole level by pressing the right side of the screen and occasionally lifting the finger when the track becomes challenging. Don’t forget to tilt the phone downward to avoid falling backwards. Features: Tilt motion controls Touch screen controls Pause button Zoom-out button that reveals the whole course Best-time ghost player on screen Multiplayer mode…

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