Official-looking renders leak showing the Galaxy C5 Pro and Galaxy C7 Pro

January 9, 2017

With every new leak of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro and C7 Pro we keep saying that the phones’ official unveiling is imminent, yet Samsung still hasn’t announced them. The leaks keep on coming, though. Today we get to glance at a couple of official-looking renders – the first one (on the left) shows the three members of the C Pro line in a family shot. It’s a promo image for the series, and it’s also got the already available C9 Pro in it alongside the new devices.

Then (on the right) we’re treated to a render of just the C7 Pro, which in this image looks incredibly similar to the C9…

iPhone 8 to have stainless steel frame for its glass sandwich design

January 9, 2017

It’s long been rumored that the iPhone 8 coming this year will not have a metal unibody construction anymore, instead opting to sport a glass back like Samsung’s recent flagships. It’s also been pretty well established that the phone will have a metal frame in between the glass on the front and that on the rear, thus employing the so-called ‘glass sandwich’ design. What hasn’t been known so far is what exact material Apple chose for that frame.

Now though courtesy of “sources from the upstream supply chain” we know it to be stainless steel. This will mark a big departure for Apple in terms…

HTC will livestream its announcement of the U Ultra and U Play on Thursday

January 9, 2017

HTC chose not to unveil anything big at CES this year, and has instead scheduled its own standalone event for January 12, which is this Thursday. As we approach that, we’re starting to see more and more leaks about the devices that will get official on that occasion. Just today we saw purported spec lists being outed for both the HTC U Ultra and the U Play, and a few days ago many details about the One X10 were also revealed.

HTC made the letter U a huge part of its event invite, so two of those handsets are definitely being announced this week. If you don’t want to miss out on the big…

HTC U Ultra stars in live photos, reveals secondary display

January 9, 2017

In case you didn’t get the memo, HTC has scheduled its own event for January 12, right between CES and MWC. According to latest reports there are three new handsets lined up for the show.

These will be the HTC U Play, HTC U Ultra and HTC X10. Some specs were already leaked a few hours ago and now, we get a slew of live shots of what is said to be the HTC U Ultra, also known as the “Ocean Note”.

They reveal a secondary display, clearly visible above the main QHD 6-inch panel. Based on position, general appearance and what we can glimpse in terms of functionality, HTC appears to…

LG unveils 5.7″ QHD+ display with 18:9 ratio, likely to debut on G6

January 9, 2017

LG display has announced its latest mobile display. It sports the 18:9 aspect ratio, which is a first for a smartphone display, and a resolution of 2880×1440 pixels. Dubbed QHD+, the 5.7″ display is quite likely to be found on the LG G6.

The new panel is thinner and lighter thanks to LG’s in-TOUCH technology. It manages to fuse the display and touch panel matrices together. The QHD+ module is slim, too, as LG says it’s less than 1mm thick.

Bezels are reduced by 0.2mm (20%) on top, and by 0.54mm (10%) on the left and right sides. This ought to put the LG G6 at an advantage…

HTC Alpine and HTC Ocean Note specs revealed

January 9, 2017

HTC is going bold in order to stay relevant – the company will announce its new handsets between CES and MWC. Rumors about new devices were going around for some time about the new devices from the Taiwanese company but two days ahead of the event we have more information about their specifications.

January 12 will be the crucial date for HTC when it reveals to the world HTC Alpine (HTC U Play), HTC Ocean Note (HTC U Ultra) and HTC E66 (HTC X10).

Here’s what we know by now:

HTC U Play

The HTC U Play is a midrange offer with 5.2-inch Full HD display and a Helio P10 chipset…

Silver Nokia 6 shows up in TENAA listing

January 9, 2017

On Sunday HMD Global unveiled its first Android-powered Nokia smartphone – Nokia 6. Initially it was only shown in Black color but now it looks like there might be another option.

Front • Right side • Left side • Back

According to a listing by the Chinese certification authority TENAA Nokia 6 will be also available in Silver.

Reports say the device will be available tomorrow, but this new hue might take a while longer to appear.


LG to release G6 one month before the Samsung Galaxy S8

January 9, 2017

After an unimpressive CES last week we are eager to see what will come at MWC with LG and Samsung expected to debut their flagships there.

Samsung is already expected to announce Galaxy S8 at the conference and LG confirmed the presence of its new flagship G6 too. But according to Korean industry insiders LG Electronics is going to outrun their Korean competitor in race to the market shelves. LG G6 will be released on March 10, just two weeks after its unveiling at the end of February.

LG G5 • Samsung Galaxy S7

This is the release date for Korean market. LG is aiming to catch the…

HTC revenue kept sliding in December

January 9, 2017

HTC has announced its revenue for the last month of 2016 and once again the number is a disappointing one.

Stating that these are provisional calculations, the Taiwanese company announced just $200 million for December (NT$6.4 billion) down both sequentially (NT$7.6B in November 2016) and year on year (NT$6.5B in December 2015).

Comparing results back in time, this is the worst result in the last 10 years for the corporation. Hopefully the company finally manages to turn things around in 2017 and return to the profitable ways.


Mysterious Redmi pops up at the FCC

January 9, 2017

Xiaomi has been teasing and tossing around the idea of a possible US expansion for quite some time now. Truth be told, the company has little to actually gain with its current ultra-competitive price strategy, moving to a carrier-driven market, where it would have to meet new regulations, account for numerous extra costs and compete with more powerful players. The ongoing expansion to India is unquestionably better for business, however, the US still seems to be a big goal for Hugo Barra and co.

Since the Chinese giant did attend CES 2017 to announce the white Mi Mix, most of the…