Google Jamboard, the 55″ 4K whiteboard for your workplace, is now available

Google is making a whiteboard, did you know? The search giant announced the Jamboard back in October of last year, and now it’s finally available for purchase. This, however, isn’t a product meant for at-home use. It’s aimed at workplace scenarios, and it’s obviously not just a whiteboard.

Essentially, you’re getting a 55-inch 4K touchscreen computer running a special whiteboard app on top of Android. It has an optional rolling stand, and it comes in three colors: cobalt blue, carmine red, and graphite grey.

If you’re in the US, you can now order a Jamboard for $4,999. For this…

New PayPal update finally brings Android Pay support

May 22, 2017
Google and PayPal announced last week that Android Pay support would be integrated withing the latter’s mobile application, but an ETA wasn’t given at the time.

Today, PayPal released a new update for its Android app, which finally brings Android Pay support for all users. In addition to MasterCard and Visa cards, Android users will now have a PayPal option available when they use Android Pay at an NFC terminal.

Before you start using Android Pay, you’ll need to attach your PayPal account. You’ll be guided step-by-step on how to do that by the Android app itself, so after you’re done, …

Microsoft teases Adventure Time update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition

May 22, 2017

It’s been slightly more than a month since the last major update hit Minecraft: Pocket Edition and developer Mojang has already teased year another mash-up pack that will go live in the coming weeks.

The new Adventure Time update will be pushed to all version of Minecraft probably at the same time, but an exact release date hasn’t been announced yet. Here is the new update’s description, as teased by developers:

Join Finn the human and Jake the dog in a Minecraft world like no other. Protect the candy citizens of Ooo from some familiar foes, or run amok in …

Google family group integrates family offerings from its various services in one place

Google has launched a new website today that is meant to finally integrate all of the family group options from its various services. Google’s been offering family group options (and pricing) for a few of its services, but managing those groups was done individually for each service. Not so anymore.

The new Google family group page is where you can see what family group you’re a member of – or create one if you aren’t in any. Keep in mind that a family group can have a maximum of six members, and you can only be in one of these at a time. Oh, and switching is only allowed once every 12…

Snapchat introduces Custom Stories, which you can create together with your friends

Not to be outdone by Instagram, Snapchat is announcing a new feature of its own today. While the news has recently been filled more with Instagram’s copies of Snapchat’s features, here’s a chance for Snapchat to capture back some of the spotlight.

Custom Stories can be created about anything, and with any of your friends. So basically this lets groups of people contribute to the same Story. A Story is no longer a one-person affair. You decide who can add to the Story and who can view it.

You can also geofence a Custom Story to a specific location, and such Stories automatically…

Facebook Live update adds new ways to interact with friends on Android and iOS

May 22, 2017

Two new features are coming to Facebook Live very soon, which are supposed to provide users with more ways to engage with friends. Live Chat With Friends and Live With should make it easier for Facebook Live users to share experiences and connect in real time with their friends.

Live Chat With Friends is available for both Android and iOS users. The new feature allows Facebook Live users to invite their friends to a private chat about a public live broadcast. It’s not required to invite friends who are watching the broadcast, as any person in your friend list can …

Samsung Gear S3 units in the US are now receiving new features through software update

Samsung is now pushing a new firmware update to the Gear S3 units sold in the US. For now this was only spotted on a Gear S3 frontier unit purchased from AT&T, but we assume the Gear S3 classic will get it too – as well as watches sold by other carriers. This should all happen in the following days.

After you apply the update you’ll be running Tizen, which is the same one that was rolled out to Gear S3 smartwatches in Europe back in March. The new software version ends in BQD4, though, unlike the BQC5 release that made it to the EU.

Once your watch is running the new software,…

Best low light camera: Galaxy S8 vs Google Pixel vs LG G6 vs iPhone 7

May 22, 2017

Low-light performance has not traditionally been among the strongest suits of smartphone cameras. However, with the wider adoption of OIS (optical image stabilization) over the past couple of years, and thanks to the great advances in camera software that we’ve recently witnessed, smartphones are becoming ever more capable of coping with less-than-optimal light conditions.

Whether it’s taking a spontaneous picture in the streets late at night, or shooting in the minutes just after the sunset, getting sharp, noise-free photos with your pocket camera—err, smartphone—is …