This 3-pack of 10-ft lightning cables is now just $16.99

October 17, 2017
Ever find yourself wishing that an outlet was closer, or that you had a cable long enough to reach the one down the wall a bit further? The cables that come with iPhone and iPad these days isn’t overly long, and that makes charging and syncing them a bit more difficult. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to replace those with nice long 10-foot cables instead?

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Well, you can. Right now you can pick up a three pack of long cables for just $16.99, which is a huge savings compared to buying them separately. Being MFI certified you won’t have to worry about compatibility with your phone or tablet, and the length is sure to come in handy.

Some of what makes these cables stand out include:

Gain a ton of flexibility w/ 10-ft Lightning cables
Sync & charge your devices without jumping out of bed or your office chair
Ensure your connected devices stay safe thanks to MFi-certification
Enjoy optimal convenience with the unique reve…

Upgrade from your TV’s muddy speakers to this $190 Yamaha Bluetooth sound bar

October 17, 2017
The Yamaha YAS-203 Bluetooth sound bar with subwoofer is down to $189.99 on Amazon. This sound bar was selling for as high as $400 in August. Since then it has been on a steady decline, and this drop to $190 is its lowest price yet. The last time we shared a deal on this sound bar it had dropped to $240 in September.

Sound bars like this are so good and so inexpensive, it doesn’t make sense for you to keep using your TV’s default speakers. I know this thing isn’t exactly a Sonos home audio system, but at least your sound won’t sound like it’s traveling through mud to get to you.

Features include:

Provide high-quality sound and reliable performance with 100W of RMS power:
The wireless subwoofer delivers powerful bass for a full, rich listening experience.
Virtual surround sound Immerses you in theater-like audio for your favorite TV shows and movies.
Bluetooth music streaming lets you play music from your compatible device.
The included remote allows you to control the settings fr…

Sonos One review: Adding Alexa is just the start

October 17, 2017
The best way to stream music wirelessly in your home is getting smarter, but still has plenty of room to learn.

Sonos is one of those products that’s simultaneously extremely complex yet blissfully simple. Or let’s put it another way: It’s a complex product for the folks who made it. That’s a good thing, because sometimes the more work that goes into making something, the easier it is for those of us actually using it. And that’s the case with Sonos.

At its simplest, Sonos is this: A family of speakers that hook into your Wifi to play audio content from all kinds of streaming sources. Apple Music. Spotify. Sirius XM. Google Play Music. Amazon Music. Locally. … The list of sources that can hook into Sonos is long. All of Sonos’ speakers can act independently, or in groups, so you can have the same thing playing on multiple speakers in the same room — in stereo pairs, even — or the same thing playing throughout the house. It can serve as your home enterta…

Sonos One is now available for preorder on Amazon

October 17, 2017
Sonos’ Alexa-powered Sonos One Smart Speaker, which was officially unveiled earlier this month, is available for preorder on Amazon today.

Sonos unveiled the long-rumored and highly anticipated Sonos One — its first speaker that integrates Amazon’s Alexa assistant — back on October 4. Today, the speaker was finally made available for preorder on Amazon.

Sonos One looks a lot like (and is very much based off of) the Play:1, which was Sonos’ entry-level — but still excellent — speaker. The big difference here is the inclusion of a six-microphone array — and the integration of Alexa, of course. The top of Sonos One is touch-sensitive, so you can tap to mute or swipe to skip a song you’re listening to.

Sonos One is also able to control all of Sonos’ other speakers, but really, Sonos sees it as the one speaker to rule them all. In 2018 it’ll be a fully open platform, allowing any music service to work with Sonos. Currently, the Sonos …

Cardhop will make you love contacts on the Mac. Dammit.

October 17, 2017
Cardhop isn’t a contacts app, it’s a connection launcher with powerful search and actions that’ll fundamentally change how you interact with people on your Mac.

I hate Flexibits. First, with Fantastical, those jerks made me enjoy using a calendar app so much I actually show up for meetings and appointments. Infuriating. Now, with Cardhop, Michael Simmons and Kent Sutherland have also made me enjoy using a contacts app. Sorta. Cardhop is by no means a traditional contacts app. It’s more of a connection launcher. And that’s what makes it magic.

Apple is often accused of “Sherlocking” indie apps by building them into the core OS. Some indies, like Flexibits, show how Apple can be Moriarty’d right back by fundamentally improving the built-in OS experience. That’s what Fantastical did and that’s what Cardhop does as well.

Cardhop lives in your menu bar and you can invoke it with whatever key combo you assign. (You can also detach it, move it, and even expand it full screen if you rea…

How to import photos from your digital camera to a specific folder on Mac

October 17, 2017
In High Sierra, you can select which folder you dump your digital camera content to, including a specific folder you’ve just created.

When you connect your digital camera to your Mac, you can import the content of said camera into the Photos app. You can even set up the Photos app on Mac to import photos automatically from that specific device. In High Sierra, you can also select which album you want those photos to go to. If you’re trying to import a bunch of pictures from a specific event, you can also create a brand new folder and move them directly to it for better organization. Here’s how.

How to select a folder to add new photos from your digital camera
How to create a new folder to add photos from your digital camera
How to find the photos you’ve just added to a folder
Where your photos go if you don’t select a specific folder to import them from your digital camera

How to select a folder to add new photos from your digital camera in the Photos app on Mac

After you prepar…

Apple and GE bringing Predix apps to iPhone and iPad

October 17, 2017
Apple is partnering to bring iPhone, iPad, and iOS development not just to GE and it’s 330,000 employees, but to everyone using the Predix predictive data and analytics platform for connected devices.

Over the last few years, Apple has been striking up partnerships with the likes of IBM, SAP, Accenture to bring iPhone and iPad more fully into the enterprise market. Not just the devices, mind you, but the incredibly user-friendly development platforms and app possibilities that come with them.

While Apple has had success getting iPhone and iPad into enterprise, it’s just been the tip of the spear. Having its platform inside companies is one thing. Having its platform used at scale with massive device deployments behind it is another.

That’s where partnerships in general come in, and this new GE partnership in specific. For any company using GE’s Predix predictive data and analytics for connected devices platform, that wants to get it into the hands of its workforce in a mobile, acces…

Converting JPEG to HEIF and why it’s a bad idea

October 17, 2017
Should you convert your existing iPhoto Library to use new file formats to save space?

One of the new features of macOS 10.13 High Sierra and iOS 11 is the addition of two new media formats:

• High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) for photos.

• High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), also known as H.265, for videos.

HEIF is intended to be a successor to JPEG, while HEVC will supplant H.264. Both of these new formats are industry standards and though they may not be in wide use at the moment, they will be real soon now for three big reasons:

Add anything new to iOS and it quickly gets disseminated to tens of millions of iOS devices. Note Apple’s comments about how it became the largest augmented reality platform overnight once AR technology shipped as part of iOS 11. We all suddenly had the chance to enjoy a T-Rex galavanting unencumbered around a basketball court.
The two new formats have much better compression algorithms than JPEG and H.264, so photos and videos enc…