Comcast rolls out a new Stream TV app for its cable and internet TV customers

February 14, 2017
xfinity-stream-gallery-1 Comcast is launching a new app called Xfinity Stream, which will replace its older Xfinity TV app on mobile devices, as well as deliver a host of features for cable subscribers, including access to live TV, on-demand programming, DVR recordings and more. But the app serves another purpose, as well: Like the TV app it replaces, it will also be home to Comcast’s internet TV service… Read More

Mobile ad startup Vungle says it’s hit a $300M revenue run rate

February 14, 2017
mobile payments Adtech startups like to announce when they’ve hit $100 million in annualized revenue, but Vungle — which focuses on delivering in-app video ads — is doing a bit better than that. It says it’s now reached a $300 million revenue run rate. And while the last three months of the year tend to be the biggest quarter for advertising, CEO Zain Jaffer noted that… Read More

Link – Mind Bending Puzzler [iOS Game]

February 14, 2017

App Name: Link – Mind Bending Puzzler [iOS Game] Cost: Free Developer: Appshay App Market: Download Page Description: Simple yet challenging game, that will twist your mind. Connect the numbers in ascending order, sounds simple? Why not give it a try and see how far you can go! Each level is carefully designed to make you think and sharpen your brain.

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Pokémon GO will get its first huge update this week: 80+ new Pokémon, new items, and more

February 14, 2017
gen-2 “When is another generation of Pokémon coming to Pokemon GO?!” It’s a question that the game’s players (including myself) have been shouting since… well, pretty much immediately after the game launched. We’ve finally got an official answer: “later this week”. The once oh-so-shaky servers have stabilized. The game is now available in most of… Read More

Tubb Teen Patti – Indian Poker Android Review

February 14, 2017

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Gambling apps are always in stock in the app stores with plenty to choose from including poker and slots. Many have their own twists and themes to match any player’s interest. A new card game app from India gaining notice is a must try for the card game enthusiast. It is Tubb Teen Patti – […]

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Yelp launches new feature for asking and answering questions about any business

February 13, 2017
Yelp App Yelp is releasing a new feature with the simple, self-explanatory name Questions and Answers.
Well, mostly self-explanatory. This is distinct from Talk, a feature where Yelp users can ask an incredibly broad range of questions (as I write this, the New York page currently includes conversations about the travel time to the airport, when it’s legal to kick out a roommate and The… Read More

You can now use Signal for encrypted video calls

February 13, 2017
Photo: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images) Open Whisper Systems, creator of encrypted communication platform Signal, released an update today as an open beta to enable encrypted video calling. The app previously offered fully end-to-end encrypted chat and voice calling, but the addition of video will make it even easier to convey information without compromising security. The update also promises to improve the existing, somewhat… Read More

Daimler’s Smart will focus on electric vehicles exclusively in North America

February 13, 2017
smart fortwo cabrio, prime, black to yellow / titania grey matt ;

smart fortwo cabrio, prime, black to yellow / titania grey matt; The adorable little Smart cars you see on North American roads from here on out will likely be primarily electric, as the company has decided to cease sales of its gas-powered Fortwo and Fortwo Cabrio in the U.S. and Canada from 2017 on.
It sounds like the decision has less to do with overwhelming demand for electric Smart cars, however, and more to do with the North American market’s… Read More

Best movies and TV shows to help you avoid Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2017
What are the best movies and TV shows to help keep your mind off Valentine’s Day? Give these a shot!

While some are off celebrating the day before the biggest candy sale of the year for some reason, you’re at home alone. That’s okay, though, because TV and movies are both here to take your mind off things. From action to sci-fi, here are some of the best things you can watch to take your mind off Valentine’s Day.


What better way to take your mind off Valentine’s Day than by watching the high-adrenaline escapades of action heroes? This selection features everything from one man’s quest to avenge his dog to an archeologist trying to keep ancient artifacts out of Nazi hands.

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Baseball fans know why February 14 is really important: the last of th…