Microsoft launches “Who’s In,” a social event planning app for iMessage

 Microsoft’s name isn’t exactly synonymous with social networking, though that hasn’t stopped the company from finding angles into this space – generally, with more of a focus on the business side of socializing, as with its LinkedIn and Yammer acquisitions. It’s own efforts in social, meanwhile, have failed, as with last month’s shuttering of its social… Read More

Canonical ends development of its phone to focus on cloud and IoT

 Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution, long had aspirations to become a player in the mobile phone and tablet world, too. You can’t easily buy an Ubuntu-powered phone today (at least not in the U.S.), but over the years, a few have come and gone. As Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth announced today, however, the company will end its investment in the phone… Read More

Amazon will refund millions of unauthorized in-app purchases made by kids

 Amazon will refund millions of unauthorized in-app purchases kids made on mobile devices, having now dropped its appeal of last year’s ruling by a federal judge who sided with the Federal Trade Commission in the agency’s lawsuit against Amazon. The FTC’s original complaint said that Amazon should be liable for millions of dollars it charged customers, because of the way… Read More

Advance Weather Warnings and Your Events

Event planning requires that many specific factors come together to produce one successful event. The problem is that many of those factors are out of your control. However, having powerful data can get you back in the driver’s seat, especially when it comes to severe weather. Historical precipitation data and meteorological services can be valuable tools when choosing a date for your event. Knowing the Likelihood of Rain If you’re setting the date for an important event, you’ll need to know in advance how likely it is to rain on that day. Historical weather maps give you information about weather patterns for any location. With historical precipitation data, you can see how rainfall has affected a location in the past. That’s a powerful tool to help you predict future weather. Accurate, Real Time Weather Data Having meteorologists at your disposal is a definite benefit when it comes to your events. Earth Networks can provide one-time or recurring meteorology support. That means you’re one step ahead of the weather as your…

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Spotify trades free-tier album delays for smaller royalties

 Spotify has long refused to restrict new releases from its ad-supported non-paying listeners because it would make the streaming app confusing. It wanted all music available to everyone, always. But as it preps to IPO, it needs to negotiate better royalty rates with the major labels, and allowing this “windowing” practice is a bargaining chip it’s finally going to cash in. Read More

Microsoft launches Sprinkles, a silly camera app powered by machine learning

 Microsoft is getting into the “fun camera app” game with a new iOS application called Sprinkles, which has now earned a featured spot in the “New apps we love” section of the App Store. The gist with Sprinkles, clearly aimed at a teen audience, is to offer a variety of traditional photo decorating tools like stickers, emoji and captions, but leverages… Read More

Get Tech Support via Ask Wiz

From the Press Release: Ask Wiz was created to provide an alternative to the outdated call centers and tech-support services which are time consuming, costly, and cover only a limited scope of topics. Ask Wiz uses artificial intelligence to match each user’s support case with a subject matter tech expert, and leverages these one-on-one conversations to learn and become more knowledgeable over time. The platform covers a wide range of topics and helps fix issues related to mobile phones, computers, and smart home devices. “Our mission is to break down barriers between people and their tech” said Matan Talmi, CEO of Ask Wiz. “We designed Ask Wiz to help remove the headache from the conventional tech-support experience and provide a solution fit for today’s consumers”. During Beta, the platform grew to 2,000 active experts, handling anywhere from a dozen to several hundred cases each. “Being able to help people enjoy their tech is one of the things I like most about being an expert on Ask Wiz” said Jamie Taylor, one of…

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