Week 41 in review: Honor 7X and nubia Z17 duo debut

October 14, 2017

As we come closer and closer to the holiday season announcements are drying up and manufacturers start focusing on actually bringing their devices to the market for the year’s most important months. Still we have one more major announcement left – Huawei is unveiling its new Mate 10 family tomorrow – and the Chinese company is building up hype with daily teasers.

Meanwhile, Huawei’s sub-brand Honor unveiled two mid-rangers in week 41 – the 7X and 6C Pro. A more exciting duo came from ZTE – the nubia Z17S and Z17 miniS. The Archos Diamond Omega came the day after those and is basically a…

Top 10 trending phones of week 41

October 14, 2017

Week 41 brought us a new popularity leader as the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro claimed the top spot, ahead of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and last week’s champion – the Galaxy Note8.

The only member of the top 10 that doesn’t come from Xiaomi or Samsung is the Nokia 6, which got the fourth spot.

Three Xiaomi hansets got the next three spot – the Android One Mi A1, came ahead of the Mi Mix 2 flagship and the Redmi Note 4 mid-ranger.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime edged the Galaxy S8 to take 8th place, while the Xiaomi Redmi 4 took the final spot.

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Weekly poll: can Android One phones replace the Nexus line?

October 14, 2017

Android One’s initial lineup was pretty obscure – low-end phones from brands you haven’t heard of. But a couple of recent phones are filling the gap left by the discontinued Nexus line, namely affordable but capable phones with software controlled by Google.

We just finished reviewing the Xiaomi Mi A1 and we came away impressed. For around €250 give or take you can have a 5.5″ 1080p screen, dual 12MP camera and long battery life (S625 chipset + 3,080mAh battery, 80h Endurance).

You can get a similar Redmi phone with MIUI for a bit less but Xiaomi’s software is a “love it or hate it”…

What’s an eSIM, how it works and why it’s important to you

October 14, 2017

In recent weeks Google and Apple brought the eSIM into the spotlight by including it within their latest product launches, the Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL and the Apple Watch Series 3 with Cellular.

The eSIM gives us an improved and more secure customer experience, better designed devices, opens up new market opportunities for operators and enables entire new categories of connected devices. Let’s explore this baby in a little more detail.

Please bear with us for the next few paragraphs, as we look back in time.

SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards store network-specific…

How to get Galaxy Note 8’s unique features on your Android phone

October 14, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best smartphones released in 2017. Its futuristic design and powerful hardware are certainly impressive, but they aren’t exactly unique in the heavily-saturated mobile space. 

The things that make this towering handset truly stand out are a collection of intriguing pre-loaded features, apps, and, of course, the creativity-inducing S Pen stylus. 
Some of these functionalities are going to remain exclusive to Samsung’s latest and greatest. However, there’s a good amount of apps …

Weekly poll results: Pixel 2 XL is clearly the favorite child

October 14, 2017

Google’s new Pixel 2 phones are high in price but low on some essential features. Still, if owning a Pixel is your goal, our readers believe that the larger Pixel 2 XL is the better option by a large margin.

Sure, it shares in some of the downfalls of the smaller model (like no headphone jack), but the large P-OLED screen that is not surrounded by huge bezels gives the XL a leg up on its sibling. And to be fair, the iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note8 are not much cheaper.

The smaller Pixel 2, it got weak support – just as many people voted that they are getting one of the outgoing Pixel…

Save $350 leasing the Apple iPhone 8 or Apple iPhone 8 Plus at Sprint with an eligible trade-in

October 14, 2017
How would you like to save some big bucks when leasing the Apple iPhone 8 or the Apple iPhone 8 Plus? Trade-in an eligible handset that has been paid off completely and is in good condition, and Sprint will deduct $350 off the price to lease one of Apple’s latest handsets. The lease must be made with the Sprint Flex 18-month plan, and you will need to activate a new line. With this plan, you can upgrade to a new phone after 12-months. After 18-months you can buy the phone making one lump sum payment, or pay it off in six additional monthly installments.

With the discount, you’ll be paying …

Counterclockwise: the rise and fall of smartphone brands

October 14, 2017

Once upon a time, Nokia ruled the phone world – in the early 2000s, the Finnish company received the overwhelming majority of fan interest. We sifted through our database to track the rise and fall of the Finns and other brands.

You can see the cliff – 2010. That’s just before then CEO Stephen Elop posted the infamous “Burning Platform” memo and effectively pulled the plug on Symbian – the most popular smartphone OS at the time (and by a wide margin too).

The Lumia 800 brought Windows Mobile to the stage in late 2011, but by then it was already too late. Symbian’s downfall made room for…

We could see Bixby 2.0 at Samsung’s Developer Conference next week

October 14, 2017
This coming Wednesday, October 18th, Samsung will be holding its annual Developer Conference in San Francisco. During the event, we could see Bixby 2.0 unveiled. The virtual personal assistant made its debut on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+, and now Samsung wants to find third party products and non-smartphone devices that can benefit from having Bixby 2.0 on board.

Unfortunately for Samsung, Bixby has not been warmly welcomed by the public. Problems getting the virtual assistant to understand English forced it to be delayed for about two months. In addition, there seems to …

Razer phone spotted in the wild

October 14, 2017

In case you missed it, Razer is allegedly planning to unveil its first smartphone on November 1. That does sound a little odd, since the gaming gear US company is not exactly known for its mobile hardware. Although, it does already have a Razer Edge Pro gaming tablet under its belt, which enjoyed questionable success at best.

Leaks regarding the alleged smartphone are still scarce, but it has already popped-up on GFXBench and now a rather obscure source claims to have a photo of the handset as well. We’ll leave it up to you to judge on authenticity, but as the story goes, an unnamed…

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