Unity, whose software powers half of all new mobile games, lands $400 million from Silver Lake

 Unity Technologies, a 13-year-old, San Francisco-based company that makes development tools for video game creators, has raised $400 million in fresh funding from the private equity firm Silver Lake. The round follows on the heels of the company’s last round, closed just 10 months ago, in which the company had raised $181 million from investors led by DFJ Growth. Others of its… Read More

Google’s Cast notification can finally be disabled

Several months ago, Chromecasts got a new feature that would allow anyone to control any Chromecast device on the same Wi-Fi network. But what this also meant, was that anyone on your Wi-Fi network would be able to see what app you were casting from and the notification would appear during active use of the Chromecast.

If you wanted to cast privately, there was no way since Google didn’t include a way to remove the cast notification. That is, until today. Google has updated its Chromecast support page with new instructions on how to turn off the “Cast media control notification” that would…

T-Mobile @Work customers are eligible to get a free DeX dock with purchase of S8

T-Mobile’s @Work customers who have purchased a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ are eligible to receive a free DeX docking station that’ll allow you to use the new Samsung device with a full-size keyboard, mouse, and external monitor for running full, desktop-sized applications as well as full remote desktop support.

Subscribers part of T-Mobile’s @Work program who purchased a Galaxy S8 (or S8+) between March 29 and May 10 will be automatically notified if you’re eligible to receive the dock.

If you haven’t been notified and meet the eligibility requirements, you can head to this link…

Moto G5S+ leak shows off all possible color options to be made available

May 23, 2017
Yesterday, we passed along to you images alleged to be those of the Moto G5S. Apparently, the only difference between the Moto G5 and Moto G5S is that the latter will feature an all-metal body. The regular version sports a plastic back and sides. Today, images of the Moto G5S + have been unveiled; not only can we see all of the possible color options being made available to consumers, we can see that the handset comes with a dual-camera setup on back.

The first we heard about the Moto G5S and Moto G5S+ was earlier this month when an “alphabetical road map” for the Moto line was leaked during …

Verizon is exploring the opportunity to test and launch a streaming TV service of its own

May 22, 2017

Variety reports that Verizon will take advantage of its ownership of Yahoo (not finalized as of yet) and AOL to test and launch a streaming TV service. By merging the two providers, Verizon will build a platform with a massive number of potential subscribers – Yahoo and AOL enjoy a combined total of 1.3 billion users – to kick-start streaming TV.

The product will be separate from the already available Go90 content delivery platform, but other details aren’t available at this point. However, Verizon has the means to invest in lucrative content for its future streaming …

IKEA’s smart home products will be compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit

IKEA is really taking smart home seriously. After all, the company is a huge supplier of affordable home appliances, décor, and furniture. Last year, the Swedish company announced its new lineup of smart lighting devices including dimmers, motion sensors. For around $12 a bulb and $30 for its “Gateway”, IKEA’s smart lighting solution would really give Philips Hue a run for their money.

In the summer and [fall]. IKEA’s smart lighting range can be used with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant.

This is great news for the consumer, as IKEA’s deeper entry into the smart…

Sprint CEO responds to racial incident at a Sprint store (NSFW)

May 22, 2017

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure didn’t like what he heard on a video taken inside a Sprint store in Manassas, Va. The video shows a female Sprint customer by the name of Tiffany Cormier on her phone, trying to find a third Sprint store to visit in the area after she had visited two other locations. That is when another Sprint customer by the name of Juan tells the woman about a location in Fairfax. Instead of being thankful for the information, the woman goes off like a fire alarm at a chili cook-off.

She accuses Juan of listening in to her conversation, and much more. “Well you better …

T-Mobile Galaxy S6 edge+ update brings May security patches, intermittent call failure fix

Yesterday T-Mobile started sending out a new update to its version of the Samsung Galaxy Note5 phablet. And now what is basically the exact same update is headed to the Note5’s stylus-less sibling, the Galaxy S6 edge+.

People who bought this device from T-Mobile are already seeing the update notification, so it’s only a matter of time before the rollout reaches all units out there. The update comes as a 223MB download, and after you install it you’ll have the May 1, 2017 security patch level. The build number for the new version is G928TUVU4EQE1, while the Android iteration hasn’t changed,…

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