Apple may whip out a stylus for the iPhone XI Plus

October 12, 2017

19.uncle_gadget(Posts: 417; Member since: 20 Sep 2017)

And yet there were devices with them before the Newton. The Newton was a failed experiment, for Apple to attempt to enter a market, that wasn’t available for them.

Also the Newton, was a big oversize ugly non-functional monstrosity, compared to the pocket-able PDA’s and devices like the Pocket PC.

Which is why it failed.

Oh and it also failed because, well Apple didn’t throw enough money at it to fix all its problems.

They started development in the late 80’s as I recall, and it came out in the first quarter of the 90’s. They ended it sales in the last quarter of the 90’s.

I doubt they even sold 1M of them in its lifetime.


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